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  1. West Coast Express

    25 minutes late to work yesterday morning and another 15 minute delay today.
  2. If you can get a standalone PS4 for $400 CDN or a solid bundle for $449, you should definitely get it. I don't see the price dropping any further, if it does; they may return the difference.
  3. RIP Jean Béliveau

  4. Lifetime Canuck, Pat Quinn, Has Passed Away

    Noooooooooo... He was one of my all time favorite coaches. Glad that we got to celebrate his career earlier this year. Bless you Pat. R.I.P
  5. 2 on 0 or penalty shot?

    Should have been a penalty shot plus 2mins for delay of game.
  6. What are everyones favourite PS4 games?

    inFamous Second Son, Assassins Creed 4, The Last of Us Re-mastered, Wolfenstein, NHL 15, MLB 14, Octodad, Battlefield 4.
  7. List Your 8 all time fav Canucks..

    1. Luongo 2. Bertuzzi 3. Burrows 4. Kesler 5. Bieksa 6. Salo 7. Naslund 8. Linden 9. Henrik 10. Bure
  8. Wedding present question

    $100-150 Fancy drink seems about right.
  9. Ekblad or Reinhart?

    Offense over defense, that's what we currently need. Reinhart
  10. Is Our Drafting Really That Bad?

    If we trade away Kesler and Schroder, we won't have a single first round draftee from 2000 to 2010 in the organization. That's kind of bad...
  11. vote for subban

    Damn, was hoping for Doughty.
  12. PlayStation 4 Thread

    $0.99 Flash Sale going on on PSN. Braid Super Startdust HD Crash Bandicoot Series Spyro Series Tokyo Jungle Red Faction 1 and 2
  13. inFAMOUS Second Son