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  1. It's not like there are a lot of options. It is what it is, they are slowing down and that's the price that is being paid for depending on them for the past 10 years without any reasonable reinforcements ready to take over or complement for secondary scoring. . Yes, Bo Horvat has emerged in the past two seasons but will he be worn out by the time the Sedins retire. Wins do not help this team build for the future, enjoy them when they happen but accept the losses as a means to improve.
  2. or draft particularly well , at least before Benning.
  3. Its been awhile
  4. I would give more than one rep. point if I could. I can take the losses but it is embarrassing to get pushed around at every rink , and pathetic to have the same done at our own rink. Without Hansen , we have Skille and Chaput who hit and stand up for the team.
  5. It was a very losable game for Canucks. It would be nice to see a bit more truculence,Other than Skille, Chaput and Sbisa. But I guess this team is not built that way. It would make the losses a lot more entertaining if our team was gritty
  6. Hopefully more than just Jack Skille will hit someone. Credit to him . he actually forchecks. I have not heard the play by play guy say " a solid hit by Horvat " or any other Canuck in quite some time,
  7. Does he use his size like a power forward or is he more passive ?
  8. POOP
  9. Yup, I heard it too, I can see the similarities, both have sucked for so long.
  10. Future Canuck Captain.
  11. Maybe in 2011 after Canucks did not win the Stanley Cup , because who knew the owner/gm was going to ride this one line without any effort to even resemble second line scoring. Now it is five years later and they are still the Cornerstone of this franchise but help is on the way but too late to maximise their skill at its prime. NO Trade , retire as Canucks.
  12. No , This colour guy is that bad. Worst part again is Henrik gets hurt and nobody going to hurt them back. Its not Dorsets fault , It can't all fall on his shoulders.
  13. Best no fluff GDT ever, hoping for a good effort from the young players. Would like to see Joe Thorton get put on his butt a few times. Go ( throws up a little ) Leafs