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  1. How many think Brock Boeser looks NHL ready?

    Bowser looks like a natural goal scorer to me. That's a skill that can't be taught and is hard to find. He's a keeper, imo, and should be on the team this year. It would be shocking to me if he wasn't!
  2. Team Leadership

    Hey everyone, I wanted to share a thought about the leadership that the Canucks need, and to get others' opinions. As we sit here on the eve of the first season in which the Canucks are now officially "re-building", there is a sense of excitement to see the team's future coming along. There's Bo, Boeser, Granlund, Virtanen, Stetcher, Hutton and Demo showing their skills and giving us a sense for where this team can be in the future. Now, getting there, that's a whole other thing, and I think that this team needs new leadership. When bringing in youth, there is a need for the veterans to impart good habits on the youngsters, but there's also a need for a culture that welcomes youngsters - after all, the Canucks are now all about the future (let's not kid ourselves that the playoffs are realistic this year!). My feeling is that the current leadership does not connect enough with the youngsters, to chaperone them in. Current leadership is not very vocal, and youngsters need direction, so they need that talk. NHL history is rife with examples of rebuilding teams appointing young captains. My question is, do you think the Canucks need young leadership after this season?
  3. Mike Gillis will be a GM in the league again one day.

    Lack for captain! *facepalm*
  4. PGT van loses to queens

    This game shows the Canucks to be a team that will win more games than it loses this season, so missing the playoffs is very unlikely. As we all know, offense and flash is not the key ingredient come playoff time (see Canucks last 2 playoffs), so it's great to see this grit that will be so needed come the post season.
  5. PGT van loses to queens

    The Canucks best game of the season. Impressive "stiffness", to use a Tortorella word, and bad luck that they couldn't pull it off. They had more shots, better chances and as we've seen with the Leafs season this year, those stats will eventually catch up with you. Play this game against the Kings over 7 times and the Canucks win most of them. The players were pumped by this game. Hopefully they can parlay it into more Ws and get on a roll. IF MG can get a bona fide top 6, that could be a big deal. With that and Burrows back in the fold, and a lineup playing like tonight, they're sure to be tough to beat.
  6. Too Early to call Kassian a dissapointment?

    Kassian has been put in a tight spot. If he gets sent down, MG admits he did not get a good trade for Hodgson. So he keeps him up in the bigs to keep his ego stroked, but Kassian suffers as a result of being on 3rd line and tryingt o develop that way. Problem is, Kassian is the kind of player who needs to develop with time through the AHL. Until that changes, Kassian will remain a big disappointment on the 3rd line. The only thing that could save him up here in the bigs is if he has more smarts than we're giving him credit for, and he figures it out soon. It seems like he doesn't have strong hockey sense, but that could just be a mis-read. Could. Maybe. We'll see.
  7. not that i'm asking, just proving a point

  8. Vigneault steps down to Bolland's level Unimpressive move by coach V.

    its the media FOOL!they asked him a question and he answered it. just like you have your own opinions. what would u say if i asked you why your girlfriend is ugly and looks like a man?

  9. Negativity in the media hasn't helped so far. So why not change it?

    Negativity is a state of mind. This article clearly shows the spiral that some people can create with their negative listening, before they've even begun speaking. Negativity can sometimes be portrayed by fans with rose coloured glasses who refuse to acknowledge the realities and facts of the situation. Bashing TO for negativity is simply a distraction. TO is not responsible for any negativity and blaming them is a sign of insecurity. Let them do what they do - for cyring out loud, they're over 3,000kms away! What does it matter? If you are a fan who truly believes, this will all be water off a duck's back. If you don't truly believe, perhaps there's the first place to look at when considering who is actually being negative.