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  1. [Offical] Kesler traded to Anaheim

    If the rumoured 3 Way trade is an option what about Van - 3rd Overall Yakupov Chi - Kesler Edm - 6th overall, Leddy, Kruger & 27th Overall or something like that
  2. Canucks have a 6.2% chance of getting the 1st overall pick

    Canucks can't get 1st overall if they win the lottery best they can do is move up 4 spots for winning making them 2nd overall with buffalo stil going 1st
  3. didnt say i liked him just can see them trying to package them
  4. i think they will offer the schenns together and be something like B & L Schenn, Morin, Downie(cap reasons), 1st and 2nd