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  1. That there is interest in Jooris is not surprising. Weisbrod connection as stated. Corban Knight has some local connections as well. Could be nice depth pieces as AHL/NHL call-ups. Gagner is intriguing. Not too old, but can he play in a bottom 6 role if needed? Possible scoring depth guy who can move up and down the lineup. Also plays wing and center.
  2. Larsen is not an RFA, he is considered "inactive" because he played in the KHL last year, no qualifying offer needed to retain his rights. What that means in terms of bringing him over next year, I don't know.
  3. When young(er) players like this come available due to cap and roster concerns it makes the trade of Shinkaruk for Granlund look all the worse. Point being that you can find guys like Granlund (and even Baertschi) on waivers or in free agency when teams face roster crunches.
  4. Lucic has had some antics on the ice over the years, no doubt about that. But there are things that happen, that not everyone sees. I was lucky enough to be at a pre-game skate for the Canucks last season (2014-15) and the Bruins were on the ice after the Canucks. There was a group of 20-30 kids (looked like they were from a kids club or possibly local minor hockey team) that were let in and they sat behind the Bruins bench for the skate. Guess who brought them in and came out to talk to the group - Lucic.
  5. Bertuzzi - More popular than anyone on that list except Linden and the Sedins. Gino - one of the most popular Canucks of all time. One big hit, or one goal crashing the net, or one fight to stick up for his teammates and Lucic will be a fan favorite. Vancouver fan base LOVES those kind of heart and soul players.
  6. The LW spot on the Sedin line is taken. Lucic would be part of another scoring line. Pair him with Virtanen for a hard hitting secondary scoring line or with Baertschi to give Sven some space.
  7. Nick Bonino can't skate and he looked fine with fast linemates. It is about how the team is put together.
  8. But by all indications, players who play with Lucic, LOVE having him on their team. His 20G, 35A, for 55pts last year would have put him 3rd on the Canucks in goals, 2nd in assists, and tied for 2nd in points. He is more than just "hard, dirty work" as you put it.
  9. Thing is Lucic is younger by almost 3 years. Just turned 28. Erikkson turns 31 in a couple weeks. I'd give the term to the younger player personally. Sounds like Lucic might be leaning towards the Oilers anyway.
  10. Lucic and his wife are both from the lower mainland. They have a young family. Edmonton would be a tough sell after living in LA and having the chance to be close to both extended families and the chance to make an impact in their HOME community. There are some big draws here for Lucic outside of just on the ice.
  11. We added one bad ass in Gudbranson. Another one in Lucic certainly wouldn't hurt. We won't be able to match the skill of the Oilers or Flames in the near term, so let's run them through the boards.
  12. Anyone consider the possibility that in Etem's case, the Canucks are working on a longer term deal than just a one year qualifying offer? Telling him to talk at the draft just means that they want to bring him back, but want to focus on the draft for the next few days.
  13. Yes, that was an overpay. Lots of tweeners (AHL/NHL) like Vey end up on waivers every year. Benning should have been more patient. Hopefully he's learned.
  14. Calgary has three 2nd rounders, so I doubt they would need to give up 6th overall. Benefits of having a GM who knows to sell at the trade deadline.
  15. Good signing. I disagree with the comments that this means that Fowler and/or Lindholm are on the way out. Fowler is still under contract and they have plenty of cap room to sign Lindholm. Teams do not trade or let young defensemen like these guys go to market too often. They will leave a forward exposed in the expansion draft rather than expose one of Fowler, Lindholm, or Vatanen.