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  1. Nedved was known for playing ball hockey and showing up at local lacrosse boxes to join in pick-up games of street hockey and roller hockey. He really loved the sport.
  2. Yes he didn't work his way out of the NHL, but even you need to admit that his future as an NHL regular looks much less certain now than it did 12 months ago. Virtanen has not developed at the same rate as his peers in the 2014 draft class.
  3. Virtanen is the reverse Burrows. Burrows goes undrafted and works his way through the ECHL, AHL, playing ball hockey, and eventually a long NHL career. Virtanen is a high draft pick and has worked his way out of the NHL down the to AHL, and is now playing inline hockey in the summers. Next stop ECHL?
  4. Leipsic played junior in Portland for a couple years while Travis Green was the coach. Wouldn't be surprised if the Canucks have interest in Leipsic. Leipsic is also an RFA.
  5. I think Edler's suspension history may have toned down his play a bit. As a repeat offender and with the inconsistency of NHL discipline, he could have the book thrown at him for a seemingly innocuous play that happens to go wrong.
  6. Edler is the latest whipping boy in Vancouver. Due to injuries and youth, the Canucks defense was a bit of a revolving door this year. Edler was thrust in to a position where he had to carry much of the load as the Canucks regularly iced a team with several rookie/2nd year Ds plus Edler and Tanev. Is Edler a powerplay quarterback? No. Can he be useful on a powerplay? I think he can. One of the biggest challenges for the new coaching staff is to revamp the powerplay and I imagine Edler will be part of that. I wouldn't be opposed to trading Edler, but it can't be just a salary dump situation. Despite the snarky comments from media and bloggers, Edler still has value.
  7. Just shows how unpredictable d-men are in the draft. Risk taking one at #5 overall, especially one that isn't considered an offensive guy. If Juolevi follows the same development curve as Virtanen, then Benning won't be around to sell low on those players.
  8. Goldie, 0 shots and a minus 1 in Utica's 7-2 loss last night.
  9. From the boxscore, it looks like he was defending a teammate. Valk, who is a smaller guy and the team's top scorer was in a fight. Virtanen got a game misconduct for 3rd man in.
  10. You are also missing that Dahlen will inevitably be competing for a scoring wing or center position on this team in a year or two. This is why I did not like this trade when it happened. Goldobin was not the prospect we needed as we have similar style players to him in our system and on the roster. We needed a center. The way to get centers is through the draft. Hansen's no trade contract limited Benning's options, but if it had to be San Jose, why not take a lesser prospect and their guaranteed first round pick? That pick could be used to draft a center or a player that can develop into something we don't have. Or hold Hansen if the deal isn't right. On the positive, there is a good chance that at least a couple of Granlund, Baerstchi, Boeser, Goldobin, Dahlen, Boucher, Virtanen can develop into capable NHL wingers that play in our top 6. My bet is that Boeser and Dahlen end up as the top scoring threats out of that bunch. Pretty clear that Goldobin is not a finished product at this point. Hopefully he sees this and he and the Canucks can be on the same page in getting him to where they both want him.
  11. You do know the oilers have NOT sold out their new arena this year, don't you? Oilers are at 98.4% sold per home game and the Canucks are at 97.8% sold. Average attendance is Vancouver 18,496 to Edmonton 18,397. If the Canucks had McDavid I can guarantee you they would be sold out. What is the "great fans" of Edmonton's excuse? new arena and the best player in the game, yet there are unsold tickets. For the Oilers last game against LA - the one where they clinched a playoff spot, it still was not a sell out. Attendance was 18,347. Capacity is 18,641. about 300 unsold seats.
  12. Oilers game is the last game of the year, its a saturday night, and McDavid. Those are all draws for people. The base price for that game for tickets is also higher as the Canucks priced it as premium game.
  13. Goldobin is Yakupov 2.0 and not in a good way.
  14. another "sweepstakes" the Canucks will lose out on.
  15. The CBA doesn't allow the team coaches to work closely with the players over the summer, there are limits on team led practices, etc. They can give them guidance at the beginning of the off season, but the offseason is up to each individual player.