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  1. [Rumour] Leon Draisaitl may be traded this summer

    it isn't tampering. They are not under contract anymore and once the free agency period starts, teams can talk to them. True for RFAs and UFAs. Talking to RFAs is kind of pointless though since their current team can match any contract or get compensation.
  2. [Rumour] Leon Draisaitl may be traded this summer

    Free agent means other teams can talk to the player. Restricted means their current team has the right to compensation or to match any contract the free agent signs. Teams can talk to the agent and work on an offer sheet, they don't need permission. And just because a team makes an offer, doesn't mean the player will sign it.
  3. Denver actually has a nice climate. Snow doesn't stick around too long, more sun and less precipitation than Vancouver. Skiing in the Rockies is not far. No ocean, but plenty of things to like.
  4. [Rumour] Tanev for James Van Riemsdyk

    Makes zero sense for vancouver. Tanev won't be traded unless there is a haul of draft picks or young players coming back. See recent deal for Hamonic.
  5. Jack Rathbone | D

    When Keith was drafted at 18 years old in his 2nd year of eligibility he was listed at 168lbs and 5'11. He was passed over in the draft as 17 year old because he was small. Rathbone's father is listed as playing at 6'0 and 200lbs, so there are indications Jack could be that size by the time he matures fully. Add in that Rathbone scored very high on several fitness tests at the NHL combine, and I see some parallels to a Keith who is a legend for fitness. I like Barrie too, so if he is more Tyson Barrie that's fine as well. I get to see Rathbone and the other prospects tonight and can report back who he is more like
  6. Jack Rathbone | D

    A slightly smaller frame guy on D who can really skate, has a hard shot, and plays with intensity. Rathbone seems to profile like a young Duncan Keith, except that Keith went undrafted in his first year of eligibility. I feel like Rathbone has the potential to be the pick that elevates this draft class for the Canucks even though he is years away. Seems like he has tools that would have made him an earlier pick, but being undersized and electing to play another year of high school for family reasons probably moved him down some draft boards. Judd Bracket, the Canucks director of amateur scouting, had coached Rathbone on some youth teams so there was some personal knowledge of this player that I think led to the pick.
  7. A backup goalie is useful, but if Brisebois can be a top 6 D, then he is more valuable. Long way to go.
  8. [Speculation] Jason Demers to the Canucks?

    There was a management change in Florida, and Dale Tallon is back in the saddle. He didn't want the team to trade Gudbranson last summer. I keep wondering if somehow we see Gudbranson as a piece in a deal like this.
  9. In other words, Yakupov is looking for an NHL job anywhere. Just trying to stay in the league at this point.
  10. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    150lbs? He's a project. His brother, Emil, was drafted by Nashville in 2013, so maybe he is an indication of how much weight Elias will put on.
  11. [Rumour] Scandella on the way out?

    Benning is basically telling teams, you have to make a big offer if you want Tanev. I don't blame him.
  12. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Nedved was known for playing ball hockey and showing up at local lacrosse boxes to join in pick-up games of street hockey and roller hockey. He really loved the sport.
  13. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Yes he didn't work his way out of the NHL, but even you need to admit that his future as an NHL regular looks much less certain now than it did 12 months ago. Virtanen has not developed at the same rate as his peers in the 2014 draft class.
  14. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Virtanen is the reverse Burrows. Burrows goes undrafted and works his way through the ECHL, AHL, playing ball hockey, and eventually a long NHL career. Virtanen is a high draft pick and has worked his way out of the NHL down the to AHL, and is now playing inline hockey in the summers. Next stop ECHL?