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  1. another "sweepstakes" the Canucks will lose out on.
  2. The CBA doesn't allow the team coaches to work closely with the players over the summer, there are limits on team led practices, etc. They can give them guidance at the beginning of the off season, but the offseason is up to each individual player.
  3. Am I the only one who sees a Nail Yakupov clone in Goldobin? Same height and stature. 5'11 and about 190ish pounds. Yakupov was born Oct.6th 1993, Goldy was born Oct.7th 1995. So, they are the same age when you compare them in their draft years. Both played for the Sarnia Sting and put up similar numbers. Yakupov had more points per game. Both are fast and have a good release on their shots. Both seem to be lost in the defensive zone but have an ability to pounce on offensive chances. Hope Goldobin develops better than Yak.
  4. Should have been bought out a couple years ago. Good luck in ottawa.
  5. The time to trade Burrows was 3 years ago....
  6. You're right. Early returns are often misleading. A Canucks example. Sedins were drafted in 1999. If you were to have taken a snapshot of players from that draft after the 04/05 season (5 years after that draft) the Sedins were trailing Martin Havlat and in points and points per game produced, and were at the same level of production as Tim Connolly and Patrick Stefan. Fast forward to the present day and the Sedins are the leaders for points and games played in that draft. Zetterberg is close behind them but 5 years after that 1999 draft, he was just starting with the Wings. Sedins and Zetterberg are clearly the three best players from the 1999 draft. 5 years after that draft, that fact was not clear. Does that mean Virtanen is going be another Sedin? Probably not, but we don't know. Still too early to pass a final judgement. Again, early returns are often misleading.
  7. By all accounts this is a wide open draft after pick #2. Scouts have the same players ranked anywhere from #3 to late first round. I'd say any players other than Patrick or Hischier have a realistic chance of being available at 10.
  8. There would have to be some salary coming back to Vancouver obviously. Plekanec or Desharnais possibly.
  9. Overlooked by Team USA for the World Jrs this year. Maybe next year?
  10. Matter of time before he gets an NHL look?
  11. Benning did scout and draft Gaustad back in the day.
  12. That there is interest in Jooris is not surprising. Weisbrod connection as stated. Corban Knight has some local connections as well. Could be nice depth pieces as AHL/NHL call-ups. Gagner is intriguing. Not too old, but can he play in a bottom 6 role if needed? Possible scoring depth guy who can move up and down the lineup. Also plays wing and center.
  13. Larsen is not an RFA, he is considered "inactive" because he played in the KHL last year, no qualifying offer needed to retain his rights. What that means in terms of bringing him over next year, I don't know.
  14. When young(er) players like this come available due to cap and roster concerns it makes the trade of Shinkaruk for Granlund look all the worse. Point being that you can find guys like Granlund (and even Baertschi) on waivers or in free agency when teams face roster crunches.
  15. Lucic has had some antics on the ice over the years, no doubt about that. But there are things that happen, that not everyone sees. I was lucky enough to be at a pre-game skate for the Canucks last season (2014-15) and the Bruins were on the ice after the Canucks. There was a group of 20-30 kids (looked like they were from a kids club or possibly local minor hockey team) that were let in and they sat behind the Bruins bench for the skate. Guess who brought them in and came out to talk to the group - Lucic.