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  1. Great profile :)

    I AM A CANUCKS FAN!!! as well.

  2. ah lucky you! yes, i like him and burrows because they are a great example of what hard work can get you! (haha can you tell i'm going to be a teacher?)

  3. lol he went to my high school. I had a class with him to.

  4. oh whoops i replied on my profile. yes i am a fan of milan!

  5. lol girl power is right!!

    lucic is the best :)

  6. burrows
  7. haha how long will this thread last???? hahha at mods not closing it!
  8. lol @ the fact mods dont close this thread.
  9. i measured an accumulated 38 cm of snow here in north burnaby but that was 3 hours ago! and there's been at least 2 inches since! this is vancouver??
  10. apparenlty skytrain is just chaos. coming only ever 20-30 mins, already full, people just packing in as tight as they can
  11. burrrrrrrrrr