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  1. I don't think promising a trade is needed here, he mostly needs an opportunity Currently the Canucks only have two established NHL centers in Horvat and Sutter and have spots open on the first unit powerplay. Also there is an opportunity to get a greater percentage of offensive zone starts. I'm not saying we promise him anything but he should be able to see that these opportunities are there for the taking with our team if he proves that this last season was an outlier. I understand we are not the only team that can give him an opportunity, but the question is would the stars want to move on from him, how many other teams would be interested in acquiring him at the moment with his full cap hit and what his Spezza's plans beyond this contract, since he will be over 35. Canucks may not be the greatest destination at the moment, but it could be an acceptable place to prove he is still at top 6 forward
  2. If Spezza's goal is to win a cup, Vancouver could be a great destination since we are one the the teams that could easily absorb half his salary in a later trade to a cup contender.
  3. Foo202

    Draft Poser-Proposals(Discussion)

    For Scenario #2, I'd rather just have Dahlin Considering the NHL will be heading into another CBA talks soon, there is a chance that there will be another compliance buyout which can help get us out of Eriksson's contract. So having the perceived better defenseman to build the backend around to me is the better option For Scenario #1, maybe? At first I'm hesitant since we do need better talent and this years draft is very heavy with defensive talent in the first round. but historically its harder to predict defensive talent that impact defenseman are found and developed later in the draft. I also don't see Montreal making this trade
  4. I'm not saying that the league wants us to win the cup, but why wouldnt they want us to make the finals again? Canucks are certainly a more marketable across the league over say a St.Louis, San Jose, or Nashville because we are a hated team, and more people would tune in to cheer for the opposing team.