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  1. if were able to re-sign Toffoli, I dont really see the need right now of moving Boeser. Boeser current contract runs out the same time as the Luongo recapture penalty and combining those two current cap hit is just shy of 9M. On Podkolzin, my feeling is he will start on LW due to the lack of depth on that wing, the fact that he is a left shot. Also he most likely takes Pearson spot since I dont think we can keep him while having to pay both Hughes and Pettersson in the same off season
  2. Ryan can still contribute offensively, his points per game is still above 0.5 which would make his the 4th best forward in the canucks line up. Also this deal only makes sense from a Canucks point of view if the Sens retain some of Ryan salary. Lets say 30% which would make Ryan cap hit 5.075M
  3. I'm actually intrigued about a Eriksson for Ryan trade. If this deal 1 for 1 happened after July 1st when the signing bonuses get paid for the year, Eriksson will only be owed 9 million for the remainder of his contract as opposed to Ryan's 20.5 million. With that money disparity, it would be reasonable to believe this deal would involve Ottawa retaining some of Ryan's salary
  4. I'm not saying that the league wants us to win the cup, but why wouldnt they want us to make the finals again? Canucks are certainly a more marketable across the league over say a St.Louis, San Jose, or Nashville because we are a hated team, and more people would tune in to cheer for the opposing team.