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  1. Jody Vance is saying that the Toronto Star is reporting that #34 Matthews has tested positive for COVID-19 but the story isn't there, so may have been pulled.
  2. This is along the lines of what I remember. I also remember there were some comments from his side, that would support what we are saying, but I can't remember them exactly.
  3. I'm not buying this at all. Sedins brought his career back from the dead, Canucks said, take a nice raise and be happy, he said, show me the money, I want it all, pretty much.
  4. Yes, and the 1st Zombie will appear just as the Liberals finish taking all the guns away.
  5. He was not a RFA on December 1st, he was a signed player in the KHL, on the Canucks Reserve List. Signed players under contract are not free agents.
  6. I'm fine with Tryamkin at $3-3.5M, he is exactly what we need.
  7. And from the crazy file, it makes Canada even easier to invade, add that to the "could never happen" list.
  8. And they insist on a, say no to everything approach, which they sometimes back up with bad science. Misrepresenting BC LNG as having the same carbon footprint as coal, which it does not, unwilling to acknowledge the reductions it could help achieve in other nations like China, etc. One of my favorites is those who oppose the Site C dam, but then want all EV's on the road, not realizing that we must have Site C to have the power for the EV's and that still won't be enough, so they shoot themselves in the foot seemingly without realizing it.
  9. Blair King is a Ph.D Environmental Scientist who is pretty much spot on IMO, here is his review.
  10. Not sure if this has been posted.
  11. Look at this comparison and Ontario isn't doing well compared to BC, yet look at the difference. In addition, look at the number of meat processing plants that are shutting down, both here and in the US, putting a strain on the supply chain. It only gets worse and worse if it remains unchecked. There's no need to argue stupid here, anyone can see what's happening. Here's the report on the strain on the supply chain.
  12. There are some quack doctors saying stupid things out there, the difference between what's happening in BC compared to NY is huge, it's obvious for anyone who has eyes.
  13. They just had it on Global News, so it's accurate.