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  1. Difficult Decisions (Discussion)

    This is totally unrealistic but TSN is now saying that the Habs might deal Andrew Shaw and his game is just what we need, he's signed for several more years with a cap hit not much more than Gagne. Now you're going to say he would want to go to a contender, but with what we have coming in here next year he would be on a team very much on the rise, very similar to the Leafs imo and that might be appealing. His influence on our young guys over the next 4 years, just by the way he plays, would be extremely valuable. I realize it would likely be very difficult to make this happen as the Habs would want players we would not want to give up, but he plays with a compete level that we could use.
  2. Without Bo and Sutter we just don't have the horses to compete, plain and simple. If Sutter hadn't also been out would it have been as bad, hard to say, and when he comes back will it make a difference, hopefully. He may have made a difference in some of the really close games, I would think.
  3. Could the Senate do this with 51 votes or would they need 60?
  4. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Washington Capitals

    NHL Numbers shows Gubranson as being an RFA after this season, is this incorrect?
  5. Boeser alone makes it worth watching.
  6. Cole Cassels | C

    I hope to see him get called up at some point this season.
  7. Anders Nilsson | #31 | G

    He was playing great, then came the baby, big change, could effect concentration, I'm thinking he'll come back around and start playing better again.
  8. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Jake has now made the transition to the NHL level, he'll only get better from here.
  9. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    Forget it, won't jinx him. I hope he has a good game tomorrow.
  10. And it's the source of the coverage that is the issue, being that it's from Astronomers, regarding the asteroid/possible space probe, and the government, regarding the Pentagon investigation, including the release of the F-18's chasing the UFO. It's not from a bunch of crackpots saying, we were abducted. So, one might ask the question, what's it all leading up to, and could they release some additional information knowing it would take a lot of the focus off of other Trump related issues.
  11. I've been wondering if all the recent coverage is meant to prepare us for the release of additional information.
  12. Interesting update here. Also, there were supposed to be additional scans this past weekend but no data posted, if anyone finds anything please post it here. Today in the journal Nature Astronomy, astronomers report observations that suggest 'Oumuamua is encased in a dry, carbon-rich crust that could have protected a water-ice core from being vaporized as it made a close pass of our sun earlier this year. You can almost think of it as the hull of a spaceship.
  13. If he plays they better armor up his foot.
  14. Nothing so far.
  15. It might just bring us together as a planet if something this huge gets dropped in our collective laps. I doubt they find anything.