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  1. And here I thought it was nice that he finally showed up in his second year on the team.
  2. They both had Visa issues.
  3. I was also thinking, when did he become a go to guy? 1st pp players should be: EP BB Horvat Miller Ferland Hughes Myers Edler Plenty to choose from. Regardless, we have a number of new players, takes a bit to figure it out, give them a few games.
  4. I like the way he gets the puck on net, seems like he's always ready to shoot, it creates more pressure towards the net. He's a completely different player but we haven't seen the puck on net from the defence like that since Ehrhoff. I'm also impressed with how well he skates for such a big guy.
  5. Exactly! And when a coach deliberately prevents that from happening it hurts the team and effects the chemistry of the team. TG gave up on him at the back end of last season when he benched him every time he made a mistake, and that was done on a team that was supposed to be developing youth and was not going to make the playoffs. Very few young players could overcome that.
  6. This is mainly on TG, who has decided not to put him in a position to succeed. It is the worst possible situation for a young developing player. I am thinking it would be better for him if he does get claimed.
  7. This would be my approach, play Goldobin with Ferland and EP, then Boeser with Horvat and Miller. It brings a balanced offense that would give opposition coaches fits and of course play Boeser and EP on the pp together.
  8. Hope to see. Ferland - EP - Goldobin As they can start the season if Brock isn't ready.
  9. Until Brock is ready to go. Ferland - EP - Goldobin Baer - Horvat - Miller
  10. I would like to see Boeser play with Horvat at least some of the time, say on nights when the regular lines aren't working, honestly I'd like to see it every night as they play well together, it makes the offense more balanced. Ferland Petterson Goldobin Miller Horvat Boeser
  11. Green moved Goldobin up to EP's line, he had the second assist on the goal.
  12. If this were true and the Boeser camp offered to sign a 4 X $7M, then why not take it? My understanding is that he would still be RFA, or is that incorrect?
  13. So if there was an offer from Boeser of 4 X 7M and he's still an RFA then just get it done.
  14. This would be a good top 9 arrangement and TG would be able to move the pieces around when needed. I still do like Bo with Brock and Goldobin with EP40, but TG could have a couple of different line sets and he could change them around whenever he felt the need.