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  1. Press conference today at 10am pst to announce Peters as new coach in Calgary.
  2. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    We still need to sign him or has he signed already??
  3. Ben Hutton | #27 | D

    Pouliot was tied for second among our D in production, with 22 points, he played 10 more games than Hutton, who had 6 points. He needs to work on his defence but there were some good signs there and I agree that fitness and commitment could be the difference and his upside could be very good, enough to keep him in the NHL. I'm just not sure that Hutton does have the same upside, if he proves me wrong then great, but I also think we may end up with some better options between now and the start of next season.
  4. [Discussion] Canucks 2018-19 blueline

    I would be all in for signing a real offensive d-man like Green just to get things kick started, as long as it is within reason. We have to start getting more offense from the blueline and need someone to lead the charge. Beyond that I would go for trading Tanev and, if there's a buyer, Hutton also, just to give it a shake up. Last year our defense gave us over 110 points, when the Nashville defense produce over 200 points.
  5. Do you think Burke might want AV?? Of course the answer is, yes!! Although I think AV would be a perfect fit with the Caps.
  6. So last night Vanek had a goal and an assist, plus I believe he was standing right in front of the net on the goal that tied the game, even though he didn't get a point, good on him.
  7. Re-Signing RFAs and UFAs

    The way he's playing right now I'd much rather have Cassels next year, in Dowds' spot. He's the forgotten man who needs to be unforgotten.
  8. You are correct, this team is not set up to be without them. One more year for them to play with EP and JD would have been ideal, given that both players are thought to be ready to make the step into the league.
  9. Their presence will actually aid development not hinder it and with the number of injuries we sustain every year having the depth will be a good thing.
  10. Goldobin may yet move onto the other side of the above equation, he might currently be finding his NHL game, a little more time will tell.
  11. +1 Keeping the twins with EP and JD likely coming in next season will be huge in their development.
  12. [PGT] Edmonton Oilers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    If in these last games Goldy finds his NHL game and Gaudette gets a good start then that is development and it is more than worth it. I wasn't certain that Goldy was going to be able to make that step but now he's looking much improved and if he's able to make the transition and have it stick it is a huge big deal! It would mean we've added another high end NHL player.
  13. [PGT] Edmonton Oilers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    He is starting to find his game at the NHL level, which is great to see.
  14. Vanek with a goal and an assist tonight. I'm glad to see he's performing well which he needs to do to shake the stigma he created for himself.