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  1. Of course we remember when no one wanted Carter and the Kings picked him up and didn't look back.
  2. I would love to have TT, he'd give us some dangle that we very much need, doubt he's available.
  3. I'd rather trade Tanev once he comes back. If they trade Tram I'll freak out, as I think he can be a big part of our future.
  4. Waiting is going to do nothing but cause further damage which we can't afford. We have people in the system who can take over as interm coach and show what they can do and yes they will want that chance.
  5. Has nothing to do with making the playoffs, has everything to do with getting things going in the right direction again and that means no WD, the guy is not the right coach for this team.
  6. The Fans make the decisions, through empty seats and tickets that people can't give away. The NHL is a business, which is all about the Fans, and it is that end of things that holds the management and ownership accountable. As soon as the ownership sees the fan base losing intertest they sit everyone down and say, what are we going to do about it and there better be answers. This is the reason the coach cannot survive should we keep losing and this is the reason that TL and JB have to come up with results that alow them to keep their jobs. Now, at this point it really only amounts to the fan base seeing the team moving in the right direction so that they don't lose interest, but thus far this season that is a tough sell. If we keep losing it at least means that WD has to go, so stop acting like it means the ownership is interfering, as management has to be accountable.
  7. Agree! If we go winless on this road trip, which I expect, and the team comes home to ever increasing empty seats in the building, which I expect, and the team value drops, then I don't expect the ownership to be patient. The fans have their voice through the empty seats and the owners will listen. Also, it is so pathetic if we tank this year, as the next draft isn't nearly as good as the last two, so we tank and still don't get a CM or an AM type player. So my feeling is, if they don't fire WD then JB, TL and JB will all be gone. They should consider trading the 1st and something if they can get a good young player like a GL, if that deal is even out there.
  8. Was wondering why Markstrom wasn't starting, thank you. Won't hurt to sit Jake for a game now and then or even send him down.
  9. Put Tram in front of the net on the pp, we've got nothing to lose.
  10. And if TL and JB can't see it then that's an even bigger problem.
  11. Trevor Linden has to act in the best interest of the team and right now WD is the issue. If one can't make the tough calls one should be doing something else. WD has to go before more damage is done, I remember when Quinn put his friendship with Rick Ley above the good of the team and that can't happen again. The question is, how long will ownership let this go on. We are obviously going in the wrong direction right now and the first thing that needs to change is the coach.
  12. Kyper said during intermission that Linden has said WD is safe, so that means he'll get at least a few more games.
  13. I agree! I do hope Pedan takes that next step, but not quite there yet, I feel the same about Gaunce and I do want them both to get there. Tram on the other hand is the elephant in the room that's going to stomp all over the opponent.
  14. Watching him play gives us something to be excited about regardless of whatever else is happening.
  15. I enjoyed watching Tram crunching guys.