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  1. Must win tonight. Goldy on a top 2 line tonight please, or sit him, having him on the 3rd line is counterproductive.
  2. aliboy

    Paul Henderson HHOF

    There is a 72' Summit Series display/exhibit in the HHOF of which I'm sure Henderson is a part.
  3. aliboy

    OMG Snow?

    I'd say we have 10" or 25 cm in White Rock right now and it's still snowing.
  4. aliboy

    [Report] Canucks recall Zack MacEwen

    Green was letting Goldy have it on the bench so perhaps he's had enough or it's due to Baer's situation.
  5. aliboy

    [Discussion] Panarin

    JB will phone and say, hey we're here, let us know if he's interested, and his agent will say, thank you. Then we'll see if it goes anywhere.
  6. I do believe playoff games count, someone correct me if I'm wrong, so if we make the playoffs they would have a decision to make.
  7. If we are at all close at that point, he will give us a real good boost, then just don't exceed the 10 games.
  8. Here is a link to the 74' Summit Series, Game 1 period 2, if you set the time to 2:30 and let it play you will hear a good reference to the Gamerecorder.
  9. He has generational flow.
  10. Green is taking a big chance here, if he overplays Marky. It's better to give the kid a start or two, he's super feisty.
  11. This is the game we need to win and then keep winning.
  12. This is starting to feel like deadline day, wonder if JB is going to get in on the action. lol
  13. aliboy

    BIG mistake to put EP40 without scoring wingers

    Was thinking about this myself, we know Goldy and EP40 have chemistry and we know that Bo and Brock have chemistry, so if Green wants to split them up go with the chemistry. I then would put Leivo with Bo and he could try Jake with the other line, while Baer is out. It just seems like a no brainer.
  14. I like the lines. And don't punish Goldy if he makes a mistake Green! Lots of players making mistakes, I'd rather see us be able to score our way out of trouble.