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  1. That would mean a trade, but it's hardly a rumor, may as well have said, JB could have pizza for lunch, who knows.
  2. If the price was cheap enough he'd be OK for now.
  3. I take issue with saying, what's done is done, as I hope all the property owners will vote Clark's butt out of office in the next election. The problem is will there be a party that gives us a choice, as the NDP would also stick their fingers into the market, I'm hoping the Conservatives will run on a platform of no interference but who knows.
  4. You never know, if they take over Earth, they might just clean the place up.
  5. Thanks Gene! RIP!
  6. I just hope come election time that the property owners have an option of a party who will keep their fingers out of the property market.
  7. He already has his ring.
  8. He might be a nice fit.
  9. Saw it the other night, can't miss it, very bright and big.
  10. We had a 68 442 many years ago, it was amazing, my brother was told to buy the 400, rather than the bigger engine, and it still went like stink. Problem was, we lived in Ontario and it rusted out on us, got very bad, so we had to move on, very sad. The handling was amazing, like it was cemented to the road and it's the handling I remember every bit as much as the speed.
  12. 68 Olds 442.
  13. I expect a bounce back year, but am still anticipating a trade. I expect Horvat and Sutter to have good years, along with the Twins with Eriksson, and then Etem and Baer. I also expect the added size and toughness on the back-end to make a difference.
  14. He's not NHL ready until proven which hasn't happened yet, every player has to earn their spot.