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  1. They got the extra day off because there was an event at MSG, so they had to put off game seven by one day, at least that's my recollection.
  2. If you mean against the Rangers, they were the one's who got the extra day off, we were ready to go the night before and would have won.
  3. I'm expecting the Liberals to come out with a very strong package, still think they are best for the economy, and I think the $1.5B package by the NDP is woefully inadequate. The Libs could steal it here, I wouldn't be surprised.
  4. I think Vegas was feeling pretty invincible, then we took them down a couple notches, and the Stars finished them off.
  5. So glad Vegas is out. I like to think we made them look beatable.
  6. He's not going to sign a contract and just end up in Seattle, if that's the case he may as well pick his own destination by going UFA and he most certainly would have plenty of interest from teams.
  7. The tight leather she used to wear in The Avengers, wow!! I always have been and will be a fan!
  8. Which means Matt Martin might be available, may be a good fit for us if he'd come to Vancouver.
  9. Matt Martin would be a good idea, if he becomes available.
  10. I agree they have to get aggressive at moving bad contracts, if they want to take a step forward.
  11. If they sign Marky to a 2 year deal, would he get claimed? Why would they claim him when they only get 1 year? If it's a longer term deal he likely ends up in Seattle and might prefer to be in control of his own destiny, pick another team that can win. So, if he wants a longer term deal they would have to know they can pay a price to protect him, otherwise it will be tough to make this work.