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  1. The real question is, will Trump release all the classified UFO information.
  2. Thought this was interesting. I hadn't heard anything about this until I came across it today, if anyone has more information please share. Here's another article.
  3. It essentially means that, if you have control of the puck, you can't put yourself offside.
  4. It was good to see a bit of Sedinery with Daniels goal. As long as we see some here and there I'll be happy.
  5. Agreed! I think by the time it's over he'll be viewed as a good signing. He plays a heavier game than some people realize.
  6. Always go with the hot goalie, especially when they're almost our second set of twins. lol
  7. Thought he looked good.
  8. When could we see him here, next year?
  9. Vanek provided the screen on the first goal and scored the second goal, maybe we leave him in the lineup.
  10. We need him to counter guys like Lucic and no way we trade him for a prospect.
  11. We have 5 good young forwards on that list and more coming along, I don't see a problem.
  12. I think if Green gives Vanek more time with the Twins we'll see some good results.
  13. I hate it when they run a bunch of players through the lineup and few of them are NHL players, it's like throwing you know what at the wall and hoping something sticks, I'd rather do it this way, where the kids who play belong in the NHL. Looks like we'll start the year with 4-5 good young forwards and maybe by the end of the year we'll have more. Young forwards include: Bo, Baer, Granlund, Boeser, then if Jake makes it that's 5, Goldy might be ready after spending half a year in Utica and Dahlen might also be ready at some point. Point is, we really don't have to rush it more than this, I'd say we're on target here.
  14. Canada should certainly be using this in terms of Mexico, but Boeing has seen massive gov't money over the years and the Canadian jets support thousands of US jobs. Last I looked Canada no longer allows clear-cutting. Trump is going to do massive damage to the American Brand and it is going to take a long time for that damage to be undone.
  15. Give it a good read because this is where the US is going in a big hurry.