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  1. I'm under the impression that the party which forms the government must name a speaker of the house, which means minus 1 in the vote count, am I wrong? NDP 41 seats, plus Greens 3 seats equals 44 seats minus one for the speaker equals 43 votes in the house while the Liberals have 43 votes, so they would be able to block anything. Is this not correct?
  2. Bobby Mac said he wouldn't be surprised to see Drouin traded, so what would it take beyond our 1st? And should we be interested?
  3. Agreed! All those years of drafting 1st and it didn't come together until they drafted the generational player, same with the leafs getting AM. Now it's our turn and there is no such player in this draft, after we got the shaft in last years lottery.
  4. Had to happen.
  5. Always liked Ruff.
  6. I was also thinking that Boeser might be better with the Twins, but am now thinking that Goldobins speed might create some much needed space for the Twins. If teams have to deal with Goldobin zooming around they might not be able to focus on the Twins so much and that might be just what they need. It will be interesting to see how the chemistry develops.
  7. We now have Bo, Baer, MG, I'm now expecting Boeser and Goldobin to stick, with Dahlen coming, then hopefully we get one more good player from this draft and then Virtanen at some point gets it together at the NHL level. That would be 8 good young players, and as soon as we have 6 or more playing an efffective game in the lineup every night things will start to turn around. And we still need that PP QB. Next year might still be a tough year, but at least we'll be watching higher-end prospects develop at the NHL level and after next year we should be looking pretty good again. Have to say that picking up Dahlen and Goldobin at the deadline may turn out to be huge for our franchise, as they both could end up being very good players. Point being, maybe they're not doing such a bad job.
  8. He simply needs to use his speed, as you say hustle, to play good positional hockey when we don't have the puck. If he does that he'll have a very good career in the NHL.
  9. He had a good game, more engaged, made some very good plays, better position, nice goal. All he has to do is keep improving and he can have some off nights.
  10. I thought Goldobin had the type of game he needed to have, good on him.
  11. Lack of offense from the backend. I remember at some point last year our defence had produced over 100 points less than that of Nashville and even though the defence has improved this year we still aren't seeing the type of offensive production that's needed to compete. We won't be able to fix the PP until this is sorted out, we're still at the point of trying to find that D who can run the PP. Part of this might be how they're coaching the PP.
  12. I agree with this, if they bounce back as stated. When we signed LE I think we all thought it would be great, especially given the fact they had just scored goals together at the World Cup, so who saw it coming.
  13. Goldy is in from what I've heard.
  14. I'd rather they put Boeser with the Twins, then put Goldy with Bo, and Chaput on the 3rd line.
  15. I thought he was very entertaining. RIP