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  1. [Rumours] Vanek

    Here it is, they would wait.
  2. [Rumours] Vanek

    It isn't for sure that he will resign with us, his agent has said exactly that, they will wait and look at the offers, so highest bidder. We may as well trade him then resign him if the number works, if someone else offers more then we've gained nothing.
  3. I know that Marky isn't that injured but wouldn't mind seeing Nilsson get a few starts on a row.
  4. I'd don't see him signing for less than $4M and I do think that's an ok number for him.
  5. Erik Gudbranson | #44 | D

    3 years @$4M is fine, we need the snarl.
  6. I'll let someone else start a thread on this, looks like the Canucks are closing in on a deal with Eric Gubranson, something in the range of 3 years @ $4M per.
  7. Agreed, I doubt that Arizona would be asking for him, but some here were saying, offer him up. "He'll find a way to get there" by playing well, which he's been doing, I remember Linden mentioning him at one point. He'll determine if he's NHL caliber by how he plays if and when he gets some games in Vancouver.
  8. No to Cassels until we see him up with the big club first, and if we don't see him that's a fail on management, he been playing well I hear.
  9. Anything involving Granlund, Hutton, Goldobin and a pick but not a 1st, some combination but not all, and I'd say go ahead. And yes, the physical element is something we need.
  10. THE PURGE (discussion)

    Look at the number of so called experts, including TSN, who criticized JB harshly and now some of those same experts, including TSN, are saying we have some of the best up and coming talent. In my mind it will begin to turn around next year as we add another 2-3 top young players, and will then have a legit shot at making the playoffs and competing at a higher level. Stay the course.
  11. It seems to me that Nilsson was playing really well up until the point when he had his child and then he lost his focus and things have gone south from there. Lots of players have children but are able to maintain their level of play, it is required. I do agree that the issue has been with him, sadly.
  12. Falcon 9 explodes after liftoff

    Did the third one come down and land? Was it supposed to or did it blast out of orbit with the rest of the payload?
  13. Falcon 9 explodes after liftoff

    The rocket was so powerful that it blasted right out of orbit which wasn't supposed to happen. I believe it can put a 70 ton payload in orbit which means it can put a Boeing 737 Max in orbit, but not with passengers, luggage and a full fuel load. Here's the source. Here's the quote. When I run the numbers the 737 can't be fully fueled. We speak of a $90 million booster system, you understand, with reusable components, capable, by some estimates, of carrying a fully loaded, totally booked Boeing 737 jet liner with room enough for a couple more Tesla sedans.
  14. More good news, to some degree.
  15. The point is, how will Trump react to the decision and when does he ever not react. I expect him to become even more insistent on NAFTA demands that we are already not going to accept. Why don't we just wait and see what happens.