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  1. I keep wondering if part of the reason the deal for Bo is taking so long is that once done it would likely include a NTC, so if they are discussing making a move they might want to hold off until it's all finalized, at which point there would be a trade and both deals would be finalized. Just a thought.
  2. You are correct they can negotiate. If an offer is negotiated it likely would be signed, as it has been negotiated, meaning they've agreed to a deal. If they can't come to terms they wouldn't make the offer.
  3. Little brain cramp there, forgot he's a RFA, but I'm not sure about the procedure for an Offer Sheet. Can they negotiate the deal and then send the offer sheet or do they just send the offer sheet blind? I would think it would be blind, without any negotiation with the agent, but I'm not sure about this. I'm thinking that a team would just decide what the player is worth to them and then just send the offer to the agent.
  4. If it's another teams player then without permission it's tampering.
  5. "Today is only yesterdays tomorrow," who knows what song that is from?
  6. This would be good, really anything in this range would work, might be a bit above 5M.
  7. I think this is along the lines of what they would want.
  8. Some word here that the Oilers and Draisaitl have reached an lead to a trade perhaps, who knows. I realize some won't like the source but this is plausible if not expected.
  9. 1 year, $1 million.
  10. Lots of player development and then win the lottery this time.
  11. And Space 1999 which also starred his wife and came from the UFO series.
  12. Lots of reports of crazy things happening at Riverview. The place is famous for it.
  13. I am aware of one real haunting. People I knew moved into a house where the previous owner had passed away in the house and they experienced substantial activity, including a roast beef flipping off a dinner table with multiple witnesses when a dinner guest told the ghost, named Wendy, that he wanted to "do her". I did not witness this myself but this was at a dinner party with many guests, probably 12-14 people. They eventually had to find the woman's children, bring them to the home to talk to their mom after which it all stopped. This occured in Victoria. I knew these people well.
  14. Any trade for Tanev must work within the rebuild, so high-end youth, picks, not older wingers. Taylor Hall is a whole different story, jvr is not him.
  15. Does Tanev have a NTC?