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  1. ha, just realized that.
  2. I don't think anyone else fighting for a spot on the team is able to get 24 goals and 22 assists... And can you be that bad for the team when you are +27? I don't think so. This thread is a fail, you have no argument.
  3. You honestly think Krog, Pettinger or Brown will do a better job then Burrows? Reality check... there stuck in the minors, Burros is in the NHL and is top goal scorer on the team.
  4. wth,how can you question Burrows ability to play in the NHL???? He almost scored 30 goals last season, who cares if he falls down, he still gets it done.
  5. I Wanna F*** a Dog in the donkey- Blink 182
  6. We got some good snow in abby. at least 4 inches . Were supposed to get another 2 inches today!
  7. wow. Were getting a whole ???? load here in abbotsford!!! We have like 5" already and its still coming down like crazy!
  8. happy birthday

  9. wijn. JvsB 2 is so funny eh?

  10. steen. JvsB 2 is so funny

  11. Happy Birthday