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  1. My point is they are not going to make a sweetheart deal to a division rival for one of their few good players under 27. Thinking otherwise is also crazy talk.
  2. For a team that has the majority of its players at 30+, and is starting to fall to the bottom? Yeah I'm sure Baer, Goldy and a 2nd would do it.....
  3. Peaches5, you don't like the trade, or the deal. Fine. The rest us can agree to disagree. If Tampa uses the first as a trade chip or get a franchise player, so be it. Short term wise it's worked out pretty well. If Benning said no the best we are doing is a 2nd rounder, Tampa would mostly likely traded with someone else. I find it hilarious that for years I've seen on CDCers complain that Benning never tries for a "Bold Move". And when he does it, a certain segment of board goes ape.
  4. Where are we going to find $5.625 million in cap space? You are also talking about a player from a division rival. You are probably looking at Brock and Bo and a 1st. Remember SJ is rebuilding, they aren't going to give away one of the few good assets they have under age 27.
  5. Social Distortion (Mike Ness) is 57, and they are still kicking butt.
  6. I find him a pratt. Like the guy that used to be on the radio talking about sitting down and slugging it out.
  7. Only after we win our 4 cups in a row.
  8. Trying to idiot proof the GM spot again? That will be an interesting negotiation. I imagine they'd have to lower the escrow to give the players something to agree to that.
  9. Rafferty shoots right. So that is his natural side.
  10. I was really hoping Jake Kielly would be a solid goalie prospect. But he's not doing that great in the Zoo. He had great numbers in the NCAA. There's contracts expiring on some of the veteran d-men on the farm. And forwards like Pope that might be left unsigned after this season. Then you have players like Goldy and Baer, that with luck and better numbers in the AHL, maybe they can be moved. So going forward I think they will be able to find roster spots for players that do well.
  11. Why do you say that? I wouldn't doubt it. The composite sticks I think they help more because they are lighter it help eases fatigue. The bending and whipping factor I think is minor and not the big deal that manufacturers say it is. I think it helps the average player, but exceptional players I don't think there's much difference between a wooden stick and composite. Then theres the strength of the player and their technique.
  12. You effin kidding? Getting shafted on the draft lottery it’s more than fair,