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  1. Yar, Shift-4 raise the jolly roger we're off for the pillage!
  2. Guess what, that's fine on the track with little traffic around. Not so good when you're getting a pizza.
  3. Well you'd never lose to me in chess, I don't think 7-8 steps ahead. Best I'd get is a draw.
  4. Does everyone have 1 week supply of water, food for seven days, first aid kit, spare clothes. All in a duffel bag ready to go? Yeah, me either. I have only some of that.
  5. Fixed. Him along with our current provincial inmate is just selling Canada and BC to corporate giants to exploit our resources without Canada getting the lion's share of the profit. Instead of trying to broaden our economy, encourage our own businesses, and strengthen our crumbling infrastructure. He starts shipbuilding projects for the military yet, doesn't provide resources to the existing troops, and support systems, and our brave vets. We're a 19th century economy in a 21st century world.
  6. Me too I think Gaunce may not be the top 6 forward we're looking for. But he can certainly do well working his way up the depth chart on the 4th line or better.
  7. Benning has been here since what? May 2014? A little over two years? So far, Virtanen, McCann have played games in a Canucks jersey, and McCann has been traded for Gudbranson. Boeser looks like a steal at #23 in 2015. and we've drafted Juolevi this year. I'd say our first round picks look a helluva a lot better under Benning than previous regimes.
  8. There's also a contingent that complains on Benning's moves regardless if they are good or not. So there's that.
  9. Maybe Benning wants to see how the young stars tourney goes, and maybe fill any holes with our own prospects? Or see how Pre-season goes in the league and make some moves then?
  10. People who can't merge in traffic. Simple rule, the right of way is to be given, not taken. My aunt says there's two types of people in the world. A**holes and everyone else. Moral of the story. Try not to be an a**hole. People who the media have created as celebrities without any kind of hard work, merit, and make a living off of just being famous. Reality TV that's not sports. Slants on news and information, instead of just saying the facts and let people judge for themselves.
  11. Are fans overly worried about Green moving for nothing? There was a lot of coaching changes this offseason, I didn't hear that he was shortlisted at all. Remember our current coach won a Calder Cup and Green just was a Calder Cup finalist. I'm happy he's staying. But maybe the Media has made a bigger deal of it than it really is?
  12. <singing> It's most wonderful time of the year......
  13. Harding and Kerrigan, wow....the dark side of figure skating. Looks like both have aged badly. You'd think with all that skating and cardio you'd be in great shape and look younger.
  14. A lot of players seem to be touted for their potential. But how long does a player have to be in the NHL before that potential goes to go what have you got? Canuck players, and anything involving trades, there's possible high end growth down the road. I understand every player is different. Some can handle the NHL at 18, some have to be 5-6 years before they break out. But is there a time when you can stop talking about potential, and say well player x is just what he is? Is four years a good gauge of what a player is? 5-6? Discuss.
  15. Back in the 1950's and 60's there was work on Project Orion. A nuclear propulsion system estimated to get 9-11% of the Speed of light with conventional technology. So 4 light years would be 40 years away at 10% of light speed. Allowing for 4 year transmission time of signals if we sent a unmanned ship. We could at least orbit and check out such a planet in less than a human lifetime. We'd have to work on how to transmit signals 4 light years away, long lasting computers, cameras, sensors. It also would not be cheap. We'd also have to allow nuclear explosions being ok for propulsion (only) and modify the nuclear test ban treaty accordingly.