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  1. Jets have another reason to celebrate, more rest up time.
  2. Current Untouchables?

  3. Couturier the straw that stirs the Philly drink?
  4. Welcome back White Noise.
  5. Dear CBC/Sportsnet. If you want you can continue with the audio from the stadium and no play by play. :D
  6. Afterburner.
  7. Don't kid yourself. Tanev's injury history is public record. Why would he get a huge return for a guy who struggles to play 50-60 games?
  8. Are you saying the Leafs weren't who they thought they were?
  9. Bottom line it's ok for Boston to win, as long as they get swept in the next round.
  10. [Discussion] Canucks 2018-19 blueline

    Trade his rights in a package for Madison Bowey. Bowey may not have gotten any goals but he got more points in 51 games than Tryamkin has scored in 79. He's an RFA and would be playing in the NHL. We need help now and in the future, not a what if. Maybe Ovechkin can convince Nikita to come back to the NHL.
  11. Jets/Predators collision course?
  12. Whatever happened to the days where you were taught to keep your stick at or below waist level?
  13. Are the Sharks proof you can rebuild on the fly?