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  1. What is your team and your role?

    Friends don't let Friends be Rangers.
  2. Cap for Edm(what do U do?)

    RNH and a 2nd for Gudbranson. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. I wish.
  3. Bo Horvat the hockey guy. BO! BO! BO! BO! BO!

    1. apollo


      BO :goat: BO :goat:!!!! 

    2. luckylager


      BO BO BO BO

    3. AlwaysACanuckFan
  4. [Proposal] Johnson for Gudbransson

    I'd be ok with this.
  5. Where does Toronto go from here?

    Leafs and Oilers will alternate 1st overall for the next decade.
  6. Funny this seems like the EXACT same argument for when fans wanted Bieska traded. And look how many fans would love to have him back right now.
  7. Remember when Donnie and the Moj were good to listen to?

    Now they are just Pratt style guys trying to stir up the pot with random stupid polls. BOOOOO TSN RADIO.....

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      ^ Neither are sportsB)  that's what made it so comical.  But yeah it was about poker, "I put more effort in folding my laundry"

    3. goalie13


      That was my favourite quote of the whole exchange!

    4. apollo


      Honestly I haven't been listening much at all this year... but when I do... I chose Team 1040. My allegiance lies with Don Taylor... he's the greatest. 

  8. Only if we can get rid of Gagner. And Edler.....
  9. Is Kane a major part of the problem in Buffalo?

    And Kane, stay out of those casinos.... YAHHH...VIVA LAS VEGAS!!!!!
  10. (Proposal) Ken Holland

    Vegas is a perfect example of why you don't give an expansion team a lucrative expansion draft. All the B.S. of well they paid more money. Guess what every expansion, teams pay more. Houston Texans in the NFL paid $700 million, which is $200 million more than Vegas paid, and they didn't get a great expansion draft. A sweetheart expansion draft shouldn't determine how good a GM is. This is the same GM that traded Forsberg for Erat and Latta.
  11. The Status of This Year's Team is Clear: A Big Head's Take

    RZ, the voice of sanity.
  12. NFL thread

    Guess the Titan's are no longer full of Mularkey....