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  1. You mean like #10 overall in Hodgson, and we could have drafted Karlsson?
  2. So by your count starting with 2007 to 2013 Draft, with Gillis. 2007, 0 NHL games 6 players. 2008, Hodgson 328 games, Sauve 8 games, neither are in the NHL now. 5 Picks. 2009, 3 players, Schroeder, Rodin, and Connauton, 144, 3, and 187 games. 7 picks. 2010, 5 picks, NONE in the top 3 rounds, 1 player with 1 NHL game. 2011, 8 picks, 124 games among 4 players. 2012, 5 picks, 146 and 77 games, 2 players, Hutton is one of the few gems he drafted. 2013, 7 picks, 246 games, 2 players, the star of Gillis' drafting Bo Horvat. Some rockstar!
  3. My Great Uncle was in the Artillery in WWI. My Dad was in the signal corps in Korea.
  4. It's going to be a sweep one way or another. On the plus side, the age old question of what's better offence or defence, will get a good test.
  5. Could be worse. Could be the Leafs in the Stanley Cup......
  6. I think I can handle this "boring" hockey.
  7. No he had the whole large Brooklyn Pepperoni Pizza from Domino's.
  8. Charles Barkley: "I'm gonna sneak back to the hotel, watch the rest of the hockey game - it's 1-1 y'all - and I'm gonna pack up my stuff."
  9. I'd plus you but I ran out.