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  1. Blindside hits are as much the player getting hit's fault. Since the beginning of time players have been taught to keep their heads up, sure it was charging but it's not a suspendible hit, even though Torres likely will get time due to his history.
  2. News1130's tweet doesn't make any sense
  3. You have way too much time on your hands bro
  4. Hey, that's not nice.
  5. Even and absolutely atrocious defensively on at least 3 of Detroit's goals. I know +/- is a difficult stat to comprehend, once again a simple concept goes over your head. Maybe try standing up while watching the game.
  6. I had no idea our only two options were a defenseman with better stats but a poor team record or a good team record with a very mediocre level free agent signing. Thank you for enlightening me, chum.
  7. So Salo doesn't contribute to his team being 1st in Goals for and 5th in goal differential but Garrison's lofty play has meant so much to the Canucks 6th place record?
  8. The Canucks have possibly two D men that can play better than mediocre defense, Hamhuis and Tanev.
  9. Elite Elite is a rather strong word for Garrison's defensive game
  10. 4.6 for 6 years was not a discount in any way
  11. Christian Ehrhoff
  12. You are my favourite poster. Please come back