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  1. Haha he interviews well
  2. Haha i caught a Charmander there yesterday!
  3. The Pens coming out to Metalica is a hilarious troll job
  4. NXT Takeover Dallas was on another level! Wrestlemania is going to have a tough time topping it imo
  5. Basicly just trashing it cause its not Marvel's way of doing things. But if DC went all lighthearted an kid friendly we would have people bitching that they just copied marvel. There is no winning for DC at the moment
  6. Only a couple more days until its out! Don't know about you guys but i cant wait!
  7. If we made it on the back's of the young guns id love that, but with now henrik an tanev injured as well i wouldnt hold my breath... lol
  8. This league's definition of "consistency" makes me laugh among other things
  9. Tell me about it! I have him in my fantasy hockey pool...
  10. That's a tough one
  11. Granola cereal is the bomb diggity!
  12. That quote really struck a nerve for me. The NHL is beyond classless, trying to guilt him with his kids? lol. Its the NHL's own fault for a flawed system, they deserve to eat the outcome.
  13. So true. Trading Edler would absolutely cripple our already sub par defense. Could he play better? sure, but so could a few other players on this team as well.
  14. Haha this guy gets it!
  15. Zombies is good. I have only played Shadows of Evil, but its a good map. If you buy the season pass you get The Giant as well.