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  1. But do you really think this is good for Rampage? Coming off of a mental breakdown and all, just to come back and fight a man who is likely to beat the living hell out of him just like the 2 times they had fought before?
  2. Tito Ortiz ... I've hated Ortiz ever since he got successful in the division. He's always acting like such a child. I loved that Machida completely dismantled him.
  3. Always been a Liddell fan up until his rowdy-party boy phase. But Ultimate Iceman was a great video to watch.
  4. Kimbo really sucks. He couldn't even knock out Glass Jaw Thompson.. For someone who is to rely on his power alone, Kimbo sure looks pretty weak right now. I hate how much the UFC is hyping him, but lets just wait until he gets a legit heavyweight, not some washed up doorknob, and we'll see that Kimbo is nothing but a street bully. On the other hand, I do believe that Lesnar will be the next big thing in MMA. His performance against Mir was impressive, but he needs to get rid of his ego. The only reason he lost the Mir fight is because he got cocky and got caught for it. But mark my words, Lesnar will be a force to be reckoned with soon.
  5. I doubt that Liddell will be able to even make his fight against Silva close. Liddell is just so out of it these days. Physically and mentally he's worn out, and he'll be facing a monster in Wanderlei. Say your last goodbyes to Chuck Liddell.