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  1. I remember reading that your were able to drive vehicles in fallout through one of the dlcs i guess that didn't happen.
  2. Nobody goes to the club before 12
  3. Cancelled completely now as well as the skyrim mods.there is some really good mods for this game including a 1911 pistol. Anybody get nuka world I'm in school right know so i wont be able to get it till the end off October.
  4. Not really a dirty hit it was from the side and not from behind.
  5. Stuff like this was pretty normal less than a hundred years calgary they built a condo without parking spots sold out pretty quick with Vancouvers new ban on natural gas they will have communal barrels ineach hall for heat.
  6. They overpaid by at least a million and a half on Giordano to
  7. according to google maps it looks like a pretty straight shot to the open ocean after that.
  8. Just like the tides foundation donates money to gregor.saudi Arabia will donate money foundations which give money to protestors. I'm happy the native Americans are finally doing the same thing they do up here
  9. I'm glad the brought back destruction 3 4 and Hardline those felt like big call of duty games the beta felt like they were putting you into the action.
  10. They way things are going we will be able to grow our own coffee in BC soon
  11. starting trade school on monday fml

  12. I'm glad he said Canada was a good place not some third world dictatorship like china. I also hop CRA tracks him down and nails him to the wall.
  13. If the guy would have shook hands it's a guarantee he would have gotten killed back home.