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  1. The second rounder for Vey looked terrible at the time and during his play for the Canucks but that second rounder has made it to three teams now so that loss is not very high.I never thought Benning was doing a bad job I just looked at what we had left from the gillies era and our cupboards were empty hell we didn't even have any.To be honest that last presidents trophy was the worst thing to happen to the team.
  2. They have already been doing that in Iraq and Afghanistan for years and other warzones.In all reality this is pretty much the way the world is going especially in the United States it means less liabilities for the government.If anything happens they could just prosecute the lower level mercenary while the company renames itself or bankrupts itself to avoid liabilities.
  3. sounds interesting I have always liked the crazy editions of call of duty wish the Juggernog edition of cod wasnt so expensive.
  4. I'll be down in Vegas to watch the game on the 20th of March with the gf should be fun.
  5. I agree but in the eyes of the law that was there conclusion.
  6. no a jury of his peers said he was not guilty.
  7. who did he murder?
  8. That would be pretty fun I haven't gone golfing in a while.who wouldn't want to hang out with a celebrity like him
  9. Just the justice system trying to put another black man in jail
  10. How much time passed between the end of last season and the beginning of the new season?
  11. The juice could be on the loose I don't think he killed his wife
  12. kind of bored right know playing gears of war 2 and splinter cell I am whipping down my mountain bike.

  13. Current and almost paid off 2010 Ford f150 2006 ford fusion 1996 ford taurus 4dr 1994 dodge shadow 4dr 1994 Hyundai Sonata 4dr 1994 Chevy blazer 4dr next probably a ford explorer
  14. Northern Ontario gets pretty redneck. And I was trying to be funny cause your a buffalo fan
  15. That's the wrong impression the outlying areas are usually pretty bad like nothern ontario or western New York state.