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  1. Calgary puck mouth breathers are out in full force aswell
  2. Canucks and vegas Freaking sutter scored so i lost out on two dozen doughnuts.
  3. I paid $200 canadian three rows up in the upper bowl.That was two tickets.
  4. Harper helped deregulate the industry trying to get more investment in canada which helped.The company i believe ryan works for has benefited from the decreased investment of foreign companies.Biggest issue i found on why companies wont invest anymore is cause of high costs see Joslyn which was cancelled when oil was over $100 a barrel.
  5. Probably has to do with all the flatlanders people from Ontario and the maritimes....ohh and people from surrey.
  6. Thats just strawberry hills the new whalley.
  7. Freaking bee stings suck

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Violator



      yeah didnt notice anything while I was using my machete.

    3. TNucks1



      bee stinger vs the point of a needle, close up.

    4. CBH1926


      I thought bees sting not suck

  8. Australian/ukranian on dads side austrian/Yugoslavian on my moms.
  9. The prairies are one of the only places cattle should be raised
  10. Had a dream last night that ferland scored a seemingly big goal against the flames.

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    2. AlwaysACanuckFan


      Hughes ahead to Ferland, Ferland going in...he scores. Micheal Ferland has won it for the Vancouver Canucks. The Canucks finish the Flames in 7. Off to round 2 baby!

    3. CaptKirk888


      Was it a wet dream?

    4. debluvscanucks


      Book it, baby.

  11. Thats crazy it finally ended.
  12. What do you have against bj?
  13. Dont understand how Trudeaus base is anti tmx sounds more like fringe voters hes trying to woo with his so called green plan.Id expect sheers basr to be more this guy doesnt have time to waste on parades.