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  1. Yeah its been the cleanest i have ever seen a construction site in my life.When companies that are faced with spending a little or loosing a lot they seem to use intelligence for once.
  2. The guns were what ruined it for me they didn't shoot properly or sound right.the singleplayer was great and zombies was fun it felt really stale by the third one.
  3. To be honest that's when i stopped liking call of duty consistently every year.
  4. They could build massive greenhouses to grow food.Natural gas is cheap and abundant in alberta.
  5. Alberta is to far north and west for it to be worth while.testing grounds would be perfect flat open land.
  6. Three episodes in nobody is likeable Its crazy how many of these zoos are around.
  7. Documentaries are a strange beast they cut so much to up the entertainment value.I still haven't watched one that was even 70% truthful
  8. Violator

    COD: Warzone

    Just got first overall
  9. Im confused.Why do people drive around with masks on that cant be very safe.
  10. Apparently modern warfare 2 remastered dropped today on psn store.
  11. Violator

    COD: Warzone

    Been playing it pretty consistently on PlayStation since it dropped usually around 5 or 6 every match.
  12. In Sechelt most places are closed two of the three hardware stores are closed only the rona is open and they close every two hours for cleaning.the ferries are dead going to Horseshoe Bay.They are only loading the bottom deck now.