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  1. Went to cactus a couple weeks ago as the gf brother is a cook and he gave us a gift card. had the fish tacos they werent bad but I prefer the ahi tuna tacos from milestones so good
  2. This seems more like a trade proposal than anything.
  3. I was joking it's just what I usually hear from people when i go home.
  4. I was joking man
  5. You people in the north should learn your place what matters to you doesn't Matt to the rest of the province people are just a bunch of uneducated meat eating redneck hillbillies.
  6. commercial license
  8. Yeah that's pretty weak sauce even mods on consoles disable achievements.
  9. I have one of those licences
  10. correct to a point you can also make teddy bears and other funny stuff.
  11. You can make a bunch of stuff look it up on YouTube some of th people's set ups are ridiculous.If you haven't found the big island in far harbor go find it tones and tones of material to manufacture.
  12. you can mass manufacture and arm and give armor to your settlers.
  13. Meet you in the hallway of the saddledome