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  1. We have &^@#ed ourselves and pipelines wont help us anymore way to late for stuff like that.
  2. He needs to come out and fully discuss the issues at hand instead of being annoyed with reporters.
  3. They said that last time and the liberals won. you sense is just like any poll if you want an outcome the polsters will get it for you. The no tolls thing is a huge mistake how are they gonna pay for the two bridges they have already built and the three they have to build. The rental thing is pointless what 35 dollars a month doesn't do much that's like pissing in the wind.
  4. I just paid 253 dollars so tomorrow i can piss in a cup

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    2. Violator


      I get repaid eventually

    3. Wilbur


      Ah, fair enough.

    4. HI5


      Well I just saved $253 on my drug test by switchin to Geico. 

  5. After the last few elections im surprised so many people trust polls.
  6. Must be a glitch then Everytime I read and do it again it's a legendary enemy but with only a normal gun.did krup Manor last night again and the ghoul didn't have anything Everytime I reload.
  7. It was i tried it on the abandoned house beside bunker hill. Saved before i went inside killed all of the ghouls then killed the one in the room in the top of the stairs got nothing special reloaded and went again.
  8. We should just bring that alibaba guy over and have him sell some lumber for cheap.
  9. Its from two weeks ago You got your deal crispy
  10. That wasn't working for me I think they fixed that exploit
  11. I find it's so hit and miss it gets annoying played on very hard for a while and was getting the worst stuff all mele.Dropped it down to hard and got a whole bunch of fun stuff chameleon chest piece two shot radium rifle.It also depends on what level you are when you do everything the higher the level the better stuff.
  12. ON my first playthrough I went into super duper Mart and pulled a legendary 10mm pistol of a feral ghoul reaver the perks were Unlimited ammo No reloading Bottomless clip
  13. The lake to the SE of sanctuary around the south edges are are few things I never found the first time as well as when you go over the bridge to redrocket.
  14. Lady probably didn't like the musics cultural heritage.
  15. If north Korea was dumb enough to pick a fight with anybody youd see the greatest one day mobilization of troops in a long time it would be a short war.But northkorea has something like 6million people ready to fight with a regular army of over one million.