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  1. Isn't tkachuk doing the same thing virtanen was doing running people yet he got more abuse for it that tkachuk is.
  2. The status quo in the south coast is to only do about 70% of potential and then blame foreigners for not being able to afford a house or a good paying job.
  3. Same issue as oil low demand for coaking coal
  4. Cheaper wings
  5. Buffalo wild wings has been open in Calgary for four years almost five seems to do go business during wing nights and hockey games.
  6. Mcann has two assists tonight in the flems Panthers game
  7. He's the biggest troll CDC has seen in a while
  8. That pipeline wasn't cancelled they are just gonna reroute it.
  9. I don't live in Forest lawn I live in canyon meadows. Forest lawn is a great place it has a Popeyes now Funny thing about Forest lawn a couple blocks of 17 a guy had about 20 snowmobiles and ATVs in various states
  10. Technology is getting better and better meaning it will be viable for years to come and when most of our products are made from petroleum.
  11. I wanna buy a house in Coleman but the gf wont come with me.
  12. Forest lawn east. At least you guys have a new close Costco and Walmart supercenter.
  13. So what's your proposal for green energy powerfor now and into the future.
  14. Vancouver does need more hipster hangouts and unoriginal ideas
  15. BC likes tolls on new stuff and the tradition shall continue with a pipeline.