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  1. The greens will never be a full-time party way to many fringe types to spoil the can't run an economy on the green idea.
  2. Not every one is that close to bankruptcy even you said 50% so that leaves the other 50% to spend cause they still work.
  3. The Green party in BC is like voting bloq federally they only care about one part of the province.
  4. Would of been nice to end it tonight.might have be the last time we see this many teams in the NHL.
  5. If I have learned anything in the last couple years they are probably racists
  6. Wouldn't say worst.most if not all of our PM's have been pretty average
  7. Yeah.I also figure in the next couple months there will be a few more deals getting closer to christmas. Answering your earlier question graphics arent a super big want as most stuff ill play on the new xbox if i want graphics but thats never been a huge buy for me.
  8. Thanks Ill check it out my finances have changed in the last week.also just bought a brand new phone a couple days ago
  9. Microsoft just bought Zenimax as a huge fallout fan( -76) this is huge for me.

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    2. Coconuts


      I'm not sure Minecraft is a great example, as it was available on almost all modern consoles before Microsoft bought Mojang in 2014. It was already established multi-console. May not have any bearing on future IP's.. 


      I'd have preferred they stayed independent like CD Projekt Red, but what do you do 

    3. Dazzle


      This is capitalism at work. We are seeing companies with deep pockets buy out competition. The people who innovated to this point get their payouts. In the meantime, Microsoft "invests" on itself.

      I am not a Fallout player. I play games but I am not a massive gamer. I just compare this with how Telus, Rogers, and Bell work. It's just a bunch of massive companies limiting as much competition as possible, and there is very little willpower to keep this in check.

    4. Violator




      I think it works a little differently for game studios in order to produce tripple a games you need big budgets

      But half a dozen or less people can create really fun games.thats the only issue with gaming these days everyone wants triple a games.Which has turned the the console into a boring medium when it used to be fun.

  10. I wanna buy a prebuilt gaming computer i have an xbox and PlayStation.Just curious what would be a good place to look looking to spend around $1500
  11. I guess that prediction of the smoke clearing up wednesday was wrong
  12. You get the crappy version of the console when you buy it early
  13. Greens have to be mad they have essentially been used for the since the last election all of the things they wanted were not delivered. Liberals are a rudderless ship if they went back to supporting the working class non union they would win again.instead of supporting the conglomerates and out of country companies that dont invest beyond what they have to. Ndp is essentially a we only care about the island and the farther you are away from us the less we care about you.Horgan should of taken a hard line against covid 19 as the west coast was a hard hit area instead he has no balls.Ford as brash and stupid as he his has pushed hard during covid in support of ontario and has pushed himself into a better spot.