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  1. We should be building these ferries in BC its good work for British Columbians.
  2. They dont mind taxes just not ones that arent gonna change anything.
  3. Still from the canadian taxpayers federation.They generally have legitamate complaints that this is just another tax grab with no actual benefit
  4. Greyhound is dead

    Its time canada had proper rail service.
  5. Greyhound is dead

    My mom used to ship alot of stuff to me in calgary through greyhound.
  6. New Ram

    Subarus are feels like you can do more in a subaru than you can do in a similar vehicle
  7. New Ram

    Tacomas have a higher resale value cause less are manufactured.
  8. Team stuck in cave...

    Something like a flash flood would have trapped them pretty quickly.
  9. New Ram

    I will be buying the raptor version when it comes out.
  10. New Ram

    If i was buying a vehicle based on the color i would go with a ram
  11. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Time to nuke this thread
  12. [Report] 44 players elect salary arbitration

    If we could snipe jankowski from the flames we should
  13. Trudeau accused of groping young FEMALE reporter..

    Dont think @Warhippy likes me either so it wont happen.
  14. Trudeau accused of groping young FEMALE reporter..

    Wait @Warhippy lives in penticton? CDC meet up on the 13th
  15. Posted this all on my phone.Could not figure out how to post the pic of the magazine cover.