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  1. Just like the rest of canada the ownership of anything past the low tide line falls under federal jurisdiction.he makes good points but falls short and now hes sitting in the same spot as horgan only this guy has more power than horgan.
  2. Good time to buy wanna start a company with me buddy of mine?
  3. Were nobody can afford to live and homeless on every corner and more crime than anywhere.
  4. Were is bcs fund at all those years of wood,fish oil and gas hydro and bc hasnothing to show for it?
  5. $20 a day on the strike line.
  6. Thats cn rail not even the federal government can stop them.
  7. She doesnt understand that
  8. Left wing people against this thats suprising.
  9. Violators review of pacific pilsner


    While walking through bc liquor on the sunshine coast i noticed a relatively cheap pilsner forsale 6 for $8 so this fits violators budget for beer.


    This particulary beer is produced in bcs northern capital of prince george.


    Each 355ml beer contains 5% alochol content.

    1. luckylager


      luckylager's review of Lucky Lager


      Ice cold Lucky is better than room temp Lucky because it's way colder, which is nice.

      But Lucky still tastes the exact same when warm, it's just not as cold which isn't as nice but it's still very much Lucky.


      Kicks ass for camping and beach fires because of its cold/not cold flavour continuity. It's budget friendly but not as budget friendly disgusting as Great Western Gold or Pacific Pilsner, plus when you buy a 15pk you get a nice picture of my buddy's Dad holding a salmon and the case says "The Island's Own".

      It also gets me loaded, which is very important all things considered. 

    2. Violator


      This feels like a beer that will get you very loaded fast for cheap.

    3. luckylager


      Lucky and PacPil are the best beers to shotgun.

  10. Picking dey goods is alot easier and alot lighter though they did change things up for you so you didnt pick celery and what not all day still sucked i think it was a 40+ degree differece from onions and peppers to the freezer.
  11. I was there in the produce warehouse i went through training with a guy that didnt have enough muscle to operate a double pallet jack. I never had problems hitting 90% and i never filled delays which would have put me over 100%
  12. Projects like these arent thought of in days they are decades drops and rises in oil prices dont mean company just signed a 100 year shipping deal cause of the lack of pipeline capacity.Natural gas is at a low price now to and people are saying its uneconomical to look for more gas. And im not gonna read a tyee article they are garbage
  13. In most reports about the downfall of toysrus its not amazon that killed them its lack of modernization in the stores and debt.
  14. To be honest she really is doing good with this but she hasnt been veey good
  15. Its smart for him its like having an apple store to push his product.