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  1. Exceedingly well said.
  2. Not that far away from home, the absolute #1 with nobody pushing him in the organization, and a chance to become a 40+ mil netminder... Why wouldnt he sign this projected deal??!
  3. Maybe a bit of wishful thinking.
  4. People need to understand with these 2 signings over the last 2 days that TL and JB clearly see this as a 2-3 process. That allows the timeframe they see fit for Lack to be ready, for the kids like Corrado, Jensen, Shinkaruk, Gaunce, Horvat, Virtanen, even maybe Kassian to be ready as legit every game NHL forwards and also to rid themselves of all the dead weight contractually, mainly the "older" core players.
  5. You think JB asked Willie for his opinion on Vey (who he previously coached) and has showed continuous success at the AHL level and then traded a 2nd round pick for him to have him play in the AHL all over again?!?!?
  6. Before the term on this deal was released I would've agreed...However... The Flamers gave out long term deals to older players and so far JB has not. Also...They missed on a lot of their picks which no matter the path being taken is the absolute key to not continuing to suck.
  7. And Moulson is SLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOW! Im surprised noboby but me in a previous post has discussed his SO prowess. Considering this team has SUCKED in them since they were in existence, the addition of him alone in the skills competition can help tremendously. 41.7% last year.
  8. Problem is where? Hank top line center. Bonino seems to be the 2. Do they move Matthias down to play Horvat on the 3rd line?!?! Maybe. Horvat to the wing to ease him into the NHL but then who gets moved out to free up that spot?!?! Worst thing they can do IMO is have him play 8-10 minutes a game with awful offensive players here.
  9. Why cant you people realize that the ownership will NEVER allow this team to be absolutely BRUTAL?!?! It wont happen so get over it whether you think that should happen or not.
  10. I dont like Tanev for that much personally...and I wonder if the organization would either. His next deal would get in Orpik territory at that point and thats FAR too much for a 15 point defenseman. With Corrado in the pipeline I wonder if Tanev is going to be used to entice someone to rid themselves of a bad contract type forward (pending they'd waive).
  11. That wasnt ever going to happen. They werent even bad enough this past year when EVERYTHING went wrong. Hell...With no additions and the coaching/system change they likely would've been similar to this year anyway. I wasnt necessarily against a total rebuild to hopefully get to a CHI point soon, but the organization wont allow it.
  12. This is so tiring ALREADY... Of course he was insulated by maybe the best line in the league, but wont he be here with the Sedins who can do nothing but be better under a more offensive minded head coach?!?! Also...he played 5 fewer minutes per game than Kesler and scored more. If you want to point to his PP production, you have to look at Kesler's too. Bonino isnt a star, but LOVED what I saw from him last year and especially in the playoffs.
  13. My belief is someone is on the way out... We have no idea what JB is up to. He's already asked Burr to waive and may ask Hansen too. Maybe he's not a Tanev guy and he trades him once he signs him. Something seems to be in the works to rid this team of bodies just based on a numbers perspective.
  14. See no way this happens now.
  15. I wasnt a fan at the prospect of it, but for 2 years it'll add some excitement to this 10th place team. LOL! Wonder what he'll fetch at the 2016 trade deadline?