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  1. sick bump, whos talking now!?
  2. Make a sig


  3. 5 in the morning, and im up having, phone sex with YOU, YOU ,YOU.. (or something like that)
  4. someone plzz.. need this fast!! bertuzzi, thanks
  5. renders only please. leave sigs to C+C thread took a page outa the syntax book
  6. RENDER PLEASE! should be easy
  7. hey yo man add me ;)

  8. lol wow, never knew we talked that much. anyways lol yeah i did tell u to add me. :P so thats cool :)

  9. haha 6 actually. and you told me to add you yourselff :P haha

  10. oh do u. thats pretty krazy! meh, i was just trying to piss off venage with those comments :P

    btw i only sent u like 2 pm's lol

  11. haha u added us muzzy friends to ur list eh? icic thanks i will too and on my sig :)