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  1. I find it Ironic that a dude who called himself "Clutch" made a thread dissing one of the all-time clutch players in Canucks history .. fail..
  2. Clutch changed his name to Mike Richards and is currently routing for the black hawks team to play solid rounds of golf this summer
  3. Go Burr Go!!! :towel:
  4. or even our own intelligence for that matter.
  5. what are some of you on?..
  6. No I think what he means is... do we REALLY want him? as oppose to just having him... maybe? fail!
  7. I agree who the hell would want Burrows?
  8. why don't people respond to this quote? ^^ After failing to read every post in the first thread and even watching the video he is still convinced that Burrows sucks! It just goes to show how people are sometimes completely stuck on their views alone and won't see things from a different perspective.
  9. It has long become a theme on CDC, this thread will never die.
  10. this thread is the best thread ever made. Hands down.
  11. yeah burrows goal tonight was just at the worst time possible.. trade him
  12. 0:18 - BURROWS SLASHES....... LOL
  13. i say we swap burrows and get geno odjick back
  14. Burrows sucks