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  1. NEWS 1130 Sports ‏@NEWS1130Sports 7m7 minutes ago The UFA interview period has started & have learned that the #Canucks have called the agents for forwards Mikkel Boedker and Darren Helm. The UFA interview period started, #Canucks were busy, they called agents for Eriksson, Boedker, Helm & Ridge Meadows native Andre Ladd.
  2. 3 different sources. 2 that linden had a convo with that have said EXACT same thing. And in my estimation one of the 3 best canucks reporters in city. Oh, and I know Tanbir. He isn't bsing. If you wanna ignore whats in front of you be my guest. But don't pretend your view is correct.
  3. If you wanna be stupid and ignore facts that is your own prerogative.
  4. Linden has lied in the past. Ie saying team had not talked to Bieksa about waiving an NTC when that was something him and Benning talked to Bieksa about in there exit meetings. Also lied about not having the president job on Global when a day later he took it. This is one of those cases
  5. No you are misreading when I clearly spelled out to you that the Sekeres report was BEFORE the summit. So BEFORE Linden talked to Tanbir and Y2KCanuck
  6. That is not the case and even if you think it is I don't think Matt Sekeres is seeking out attention. He reported the Canucks shopping Higgins and not finding value days before the summer summit Rob The Hockey Guy‏@RobTheHockeyGuy Sekeres saying he knows Canucks have tried to move Higgins, but nobody wants to give up anything of value. This was on July 2
  7. This is true. Canucks are in a precarious position as they got 3 guys like this. Corrado, Clenndenning and the aforementioned Grenier. No doubt in my mind, Grenier gets picked up on waivers for ahl depth alone. So gotta create roster spot IMO
  8. And by multiple sources I mean a tweet deleted by the Canucks twitter account.
  9. According to multiple sources the Canucks will announce the signing of Alex Grenier tomorrow. And by multiple sources I mean a tweet deleted by the Canucks twitter account.
  10. AFC Divisional round games look so much better than NFC.
  11. Still cut em. Ya it makes sense in long term but fact of matter is they still cut em
  12. D is too weak and there lines on both sides are horrible. Von and Ware are going to have a field day like first week and Denvers garbage pass protection will look great compared to the colts pass rush. Also expect CJ to have a big day
  13. Time for Peyton to get his revenge next Sunday. I love the fact that as a Broncos fan that the Pats got a significantly tougher matchup eventhough they are the higher seed.