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  1. so you ran into WD and he told you shinkaruk had no grit...i call bs on this story so hard
  2. i miss the days of mclean , linden and bure, the WCE, ohlund and salo and jovi...i miss the days when we had a good fanbase, where someone like the brabarian can score a few goals and become a hero for a few metabolism
  3. Hitler also looked good from some angles
  4. im so sorry i offended tootoo on the canucks forum, im so ashamed of myself, admitting you "have" a problem does not garner respect, this world is full of people with addictions and problems and barely a fraction of them make the kind of money tootoo makes and has the opportunities to make themselves better so forgive me if i dont feel bad for this senseless waste of human life
  5. sounds like tootoo needs a drink
  6. fack lack i want schneider back, jack!
  7. i think in the movie the tooth fairy(classic i know) there are a few teams jerseys based off canucks jerseys
  8. 4-3 nucks in OT...daniel with the OT winner after hip checking dumbcan queef onto his stupid head putting him out for the playoffs...just my prediction
  9. we have almost the exact same schedule team wise as flames...expept we play chicago and they play dallas...ellipses
  10. It is like watching your coffee percolate or the ketchup slowly ooze from the jar .. anticipation sells.
  11. Does that Thorton chuckle reflect your I.Q. .. enquiring minds, Princess.
  12. Your 'signature' reflects a 'man' with the I.Q. of an over-developed 'dirtwart' .. you must be proud?
  13. I would go straight to "Nexium", for those kinds of delusional spasms are not to be taken lightly .. are you 'regular'? ..