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  1. Better job this year for sure distributing the games. The "5 tier system" makes a lot more sense than the old 3 tier system. But yeah, it sucks not being able to trade Lightning or Los Angeles for Toronto/Montreal
  2. Basically, passion. When was the last time we saw passion like this?
  3. I agree. Definitely not retirement... probably not ring of honour either. Shrug.
  4. Also... potentially something to do with Ed Jovanovski? Jovocop was drafted by the Panthers and played 4 seasons with them before being traded to us. Then he finished his career there final 3 seasons and was their Captain. My guess is, Jan 20th, the Canucks will either retire his number or add him to the Ring of Honour?
  5. Hahaha that's hilarious. Toronto.... Pittsburgh... FLORIDA???!?!?!!? That's so weird. Are they retiring Willie Mitchell's number or something? To advertise that as a highlight game is too funny.
  6. Haha no way... I guess the Canucks figure Luongo/McCann/Jagr on a Friday night is a draw now?
  7. Putting aside the history of the guy who died, I wonder if the "stand your ground" law applies here if the shooter actively got out of his vehicle and engaged the guy. To me stand your ground is sitting in your car and calling the cops. If the guy smashes your window then you blow his head off... that's stand your ground... but you don't get out of your vehicle and start arguing in the middle of the road. Would be the same thing if you saw a bunch of kids causing trouble on the street and went out and started swearing at them and calling them punks. Then when they charged you, you blow their heads off. That's not the intent of stand your ground.
  8. FedEx always left the tickets at my door every year when I lived in a house. I never had to go pick them up, I'd always come home and find them sitting on my door step.
  9. Probably. And, well.... I've been wrong before but IMO, betting against the Canucks is a really bad move right now. This team hasn't missed the playoffs twice in a row since the Sedins have been here (16 years). I doubt they will start now. Furthermore, we were a competitive team last year until the end-of-year tank/collapse. We had major injuries last year. Sutter is going to be a GREAT player and I predict the Canucks fan base will fall in love with the guy. Finally, we've gotten rid of Vrbata for Eriksson (a MAJOR upgrade) and McCann for Gudbranson (Also a huge upgrade). And we are fresh from last year. No playoffs = more team to heal and rest during the summer and focus on training. This is one of the reasons the Canucks have not missed the playoffs 2x in a row in a long time, because they are fresh/healthy after missing for 1 year. Even that Calgary series in Round 1 took a lot of out of the players.
  10. I guess maybe it could be people who renewed their tickets and then moved/got a job transfer? They need to get rid of their tickets. Or it could be people who are only interested in playoff tickets.
  11. Lots of listings on craigslist of people offering to sell their full/half season tickets for below STH cost. In other words, they are willing to take a 5 or 10% loss right away to sell all their tickets.
  12. Past seasons it has been late August or early September. This year things seem to be running late AND the season starts late due to the World Cup, so I wouldn't be surprised if tickets aren't printed until mid-September.
  13. Wow. If anyone is thinking of buying tickets on stubhub, NOW is the time to do it. Some fools are selling their Maple Leafs tickets as low as $73 each, and Chicago for $60 a piece. It won't go much lower than that. Must be really desperate to give away their tickets?
  14. 326 or 305 is generally where the scouts would sit. As mentioned, corner, upper bowl, facing the net where the canucks shoot twice. You can see all offensive plays develop. Ideally, you'd want Row 1 or 2 in these sections. 305 might be the best because it faces the player benches.
  15. The best thing stubhub could do would be to still keep paying experienced sellers in advance even if they don't upload the tickets. Basically as soon as the ticket sells, and the buyer pays, stubhub pays the seller. Otherwise they WILL lose business. No one is going to wait until April to get paid for tickets they sell in October. That's dumb.