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  1. Getting to the 2nd round was the best thing ever for us. It showed us Demko can play. Good bye Markstrom. You won't ever play a game as a canuck again. Welcome to the Demko era.
  2. Well, to be fair, lots of words in the dictionary will get you fired. If a mayor stood up and said "We really f*cked the budget this year" he would probably have to resign too. And let's not forget, the N word is also in the dictionary.
  3. I hope the students mental health is okay and they can recover from such a traumatic experience. LOL. Ridiculous.
  4. Win or lose, we are learning some valuable lessons about how playoff hockey is. This kind of experience is invaluable for Hughes and Pettersson at their young age. Next playoffs they will be more prepared mentally. Vegas is a team that has been to the cup finals, they know what it takes.
  5. Go to youtube and search "Knife vs cop" and look at some training videos. Watch how fast someone with a knife can reach a cop who doesnt take it seriously. It is scary. Edit: Actually search "21 foot rule". Here is a video. A lot of people who see a cop shoot a black person 21 feet away with a knife would say it was excessive, but look at this video.
  6. Well, ESPN is reporting it, so that is pretty credible.
  7. The media isn't interested in covering this aspect of it. It's almost like they don't want people to know he had a knife and was likely reaching for it. It makes the story not so much fun. Sort of like the coroner report that came out for George Floyd where the coroner said there was no damage to his neck and he did not die of asphyxiation. Or that George Floyd had insane amounts of meth in his system and a heart condition. The media doesn't want to tell those stories.
  8. I applaud the mods and admins for keeping this thread open. However, I highly suggest that in doing so, you allow for as much free speech as possible. A high tolerance should be allowed. As the game time approaches tonight and many angry people come on here they will express their views. If posts start getting deleted or censored then that will only cause further damage and accomplish nothing. I would say unless someone is being explicilty racist or posting false stuff it should be allowed to remain. Basically... true progress and true discussion is not always pretty and it will get ugly in here. Let's all try and keep our bias' in check and let people voice their opinions and not judge. Remember, 50 years ago pretty much everyone (including your parents/grandparents) thought being gay was wrong. No one is perfect. Compassion and empathy are not things we are born with they are things we learn. Bottom line... mods.. .admins... please think twice before deleting posts in this thread and only do it if it is absolutely something that needs to be deleted. Thank you.
  9. Call it what you want, but when an editor at CNN looks at two stories, side by side, they pick the one that they know will get the most ratings. Period. That means the story that is most inflammatory. I call into question the integrity of the media and I ask who is holding them accountable? Seriously, who holds the media accountable?
  10. One black man took a knee at a football game during the anthem and every major media news outlet covered it. It was front page everywhere. If a white woman gets stabbed to death by a group of black people it likely won't make the front page. That is called agenda, isn't it? Am I wrong?
  11. I think blaming anyone is exactly the wrong thing to do. If there is anyone to blame for this, they are long gone and dead now. We are left to pick up the pieces. I don't blame the media for the situation we are in but I do blame them for inflaming it. The media has all the power here. How they choose to report things influences everything. Fortunately, their influence has become less of a factor with things like twitter but it is still a huge part of it. All I know is we have a long ways to go as a society, as a species, as a planet. Talking about Black Lives Matter is only one issue. There are so many others. Like Indigenous Lives Matter. Or Hispanic Lives Matter. Hispanics make up 18% of the US population (more than blacks), and are often treated much worse than blacks, and yet it is accepted because many of them are there "illegally". What about Disabled Lives Matter. Or "All Lives Matter", in the sense of... not white people... but, literally ALL LIVES, like... poor children dying overseas. These NHL players are making millions of dollars a year, and some of them drive luxury cars, own many homes, wear $5,000 suits, etc. Yet people around the world starve to death, don't have clean drinking water, or medicine. I am all for Black Lives Matter, but I would prefer it if it were less targeted and instead was something like "NMD" "No More Discrimination", something which covers everyone who is dumped and discriminated against. United we stand divided we fall.
  12. I am all for Black Lives Matter, but cancelling hockey games will NOT help the problem it will only make it worse. Want proof? Look no further than this thread, or facebook, or twitter. Everyone is fighting and angry. What BLM needs to understand is CHANGE WILL NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT. It takes decades and centuries even for true change to take place. Also, this has nothing to do with the police. It is a systemic problem. Black people shoot black people, black cops shoot black people, white cops shoot white people. The real problem is how many times I say to myself "If that person was white, they would have not been treated like that". Society is guilty of look at black people as more dangerous than white people. If you want someone to blame, blame the media. For years they fear mongered the public every night telling us how dangerous black people were. Now they want to pretend they never had anything to do with it. Now they go the other way and only report the things that inflame the situation. They don't report stuff like this guy had a warrant for his arrest out for sexual assault and that the officer who shot him 7 times thought he was reaching for a knife in the car (which was found in the vehicle). Am I saying it is justified? No. But the media won't tell you those things you need to really search for them. The media has an agenda here and it is to stir stuff up as much as possible so they get ratings.