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  1. This is going to hurt in a very tight cap era. Fun being a canucks fan isn't it. The only reason I can see for Luongo retiring instead of going on LTIR is because he is going to potentially take a management job with Florida.
  2. No I just saw they sent out another email and retracted it in the previous email that had said December 3rd. They said they are waiting for the AHL schedule to come out that doesn't make any sense to me but oh well
  3. Also don't forget the home opener is on a Wednesday and home opener, so it's like... 26/41
  4. Also, Tuesday Dec 3 which is Burrows into Ring of Honour. I kind of like that they put the Sedins retirement night, and Ring of Honour and the Toronto/Montreal games on weekdays. Those will always have demand no point in doubling down on a Saturday. Also, no 4pm HNIC start this year. Yipee.
  5. I get it, cause February 22 would be: 2/22/2020 And it lands on a Saturday. Book it.
  6. Sounds like my prediction was right and they will retire their numbers on different nights. Celebrate the Sedins all week-long, and then retire Henrik on Saturday night and Daniel on Sunday night. Might as well make some $$$$$. I am sure there will be lots of merchandise for sale.
  7. NHL Draft tickets prices have plummeted on the secondary market
  8. So first 3 regular season games will be: Wed.Oct.2 at Edmonton Sat.Oct.5 at Calgary Wed.Oct.9 vs Los Angeles I kind of like starting on the road for 2 games. Since our last pre-season game is on Sept 26th, I imagine the Canucks will head to Edmonton early and give the team some bonding time away. A 2 game road trip is perfect for that. I wonder if there's any other games between the 5th and 9th?
  9. Eww. Wednesday home opener against LA. Better make up for it at Christmas time!!!
  10. Burrows for sure. Burke may have just been there because he is such an integral part of the Sedins history in drafting them. I think as time goes on Burke's antics and trade maneuvers to get the Sedins together will become even more legendary. The Sedins in particular seem to realize how fortunate they were to be able to spend their entire careers together. I'd like to see Burke in the Ring of Honour too though.
  11. That's awesome. I was going to actually say if you can't release the date of the event then at least tell us the month. So now that we know it's February it should be pretty easy to guess what date it is once the schedule comes out. I still am hoping secretly that they retire the sedins on separate nights. Preferably on home games Saturday / Sunday back to back. Retire Henrik first since he's the oldest and has the most points on the Saturday and then retire Daniel on Sunday. If any dumb reporter had a problem with this or any fan had a problem with this I would lay the smack down on them and say that these players deserve to have their own retirement nights. Just because they are twins doesn't mean they need to share one night. Personally I would like to see an entire night dedicated to each of them as they deserve. This also limits the amount of time spent in the ceremony because no one wants to watch a two-hour ceremony and the networks won't want to broadcast. Plus on top of that the Canucks would make a lot of money I selling tickets just my two cents as a business person
  12. 2019 PRESEASON GAME SCHEDULE: *Monday, Sept. 16 vs Calgary (Save on Foods Memorial Centre, Victoria) *Monday, Sept. 16 at Calgary Tuesday, Sept. 17 vs Edmonton Thursday, Sept. 19 at Edmonton Saturday, Sept. 21 at Los Angeles (Vivint Smart Home Arena, Salt Lake City) Monday, Sept. 23 vs Ottawa (Abbotsford Entertainment Centre) Wednesday, Sept. 25 vs Ottawa Thursday, Sept. 26 vs Arizona
  13. I just hope they announce it before sept so everyone has a fair shot at tickets.
  14. Full schedule is going to be released late this year. It isn't coming out until June 25th, per multiple sources on twitter. Apparently June 21st they will announce all the home openers.