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  1. Yep... I checked an hour or so before the game and there were at least 500 tickets for sale on the map. Some sections had huge chunks. Tons of them. Lowest priced was something insane like $150 a ticket plus fees. At this point tickets were going on the secondary market for around $50 a ticket, so obviously no one would pay ticketmaster full price. Not sure what happened because a few weeks ago the Toronto game was listed as "sold out". I guess the Canucks held too many tickets back and assumed they would sell and got caught with too many left.
  2. I kind of feel like $14 million over 4 years for Ferland is the type of contract that makes agents legendary. Whoever Ferland's agent is, that's who I would want.
  3. No there has been weekday games. The last game we played Toronto (March 6, 2019) before this was on a Wednesday and was sold out long before.
  4. Last night's game against the Toronto Maple Leafs did not sellout. Attendance was listed at 18,290, which means about 600 tickets went unsold. That means last night's game was the lowest attended leafs game in 19+ years. The last time a game had lower than that was October 16, 2000 when the attendance was 16,496.
  5. I imagine tonight will be the first Leafs game in a long time that isn't a sellout. So very odd. These early December games are rough though, and have been for a few years. I swear, it is the post-Black Friday effect. Everyone is just busy.
  6. Yep this is great news!!! I will be listing all my tickets with them. I definitely plan to help spread the word.
  7. The Carolina game on Thursday (which was already in rough shape) is also getting hit hard. If the skytrain shutdown lasts through Thursday, then I could easy see that game hitting a yearly record for low attendance.
  8. Came on here to say the same thing but you guys beat me to it! The leafs game is collapsing in price and will only get worse with 1100+ tickets left. The real killer is the skytrain shutdown. Combined with the fact that the leafs suck and the game is on a tuesday and it is the perect storm for a collapse.
  9. Tickets dropped to $9 on stubhub a piece after the 1st period started. Crazy. This is gonna be an amazing game too probably, great energy! Maybe it is the Black Friday curse? No one has any money after black friday weekend.
  10. One of the worst games of the year so far as far as ticket prices go just as I suspected