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  1. I think the main reason they are doing this is probably due to social distancing. They are likely going to have to limit the arenas to 50% full anyways, so basically they are looking for STH's who are willing to volunteer to give up their tickets.
  2. That's my go-to also. In the event that Jeeves doesn't know, then I usually go with
  3. Sorry, but reused rain water to make the ice? That is ridiculous. Amazon is the worst offender. They ship out tiny items in huge massive cardboard boxes. They sell bottled water and plastic bags and anything you want. Anyone with a brain can tell that this is just a marketing campaign to try and convince people that Amazon isn't the devil.
  4. So it's okay if I reply to this post with: ZzZZzzZZ okay boomer, take a chill pill before you have a heart attack! Maybe go and feed some ducks okay boomer? It's comments like that I see all over the place which are immature and clearly insulting. No one is using "boomer" in the same way you describe (like hank or wilbur). The millennials probably wouldn't like it if they got a nick name, like "Lennys" (millennyal). "I saw a lenny throwing a fit today at the grocery store. I guess they ran out of avacado toast! Poor little lenny maybe he can go cry about it on snapchat" Again not really helpful for bridging generations and it has nothing to do with being "thick skinned". And by the way, saying people are "so easy offended today" is about the most "boomer" thing you say and would result in an "okay boomer" (rolleyes, laugh) from most kids.
  5. I think the term Karen is pretty juvenile and stereotypical. I would hate to be a white woman with the name Karen, yet I am sure there are many lovely Karen's out there. So many other ways to go but it seems like society needs a #hashtag for everything. Muddles the point and makes me not care. Sort of the same with #boomers. Why insult people? #blacklivesmatter makes way more sense... RAISE your people up, instead of insulting other people and dragging others down. Using slurs like "Karen" and "Boomer" will do nothing for your cause and will actually further empower those you are insulting and give them motivation to vote for Trump in November just out of spite.
  6. They are sneaky they charged credit cards before even sending out emails.
  7. Got a bunch of cancelled emails from stubhub today they say I owe them $4500. But they are not refunding buyers only giving them coupons.
  8. The Canucks are going to refund all tickets to STM's, even transfered ones. It is then your responsibility to refund stubhub and then stubhub will refund (aka give the buyer a "coupon") ... how nice of them. Imagine if stubhub goes bankrupt with all these 120% coupons owing, how bad that would be and how angry people would be.
  9. Officer is charged with 3rd degree murder/manslaughter and it took them 3 days to bring charges against him. Anyone else who did that would have been charged with 1st degree murder and arrested on the spot. People are angry about white privilige/police privilige/wealth disparity. I don't get why people keep saying "These riots aren't about this, they are about other things"... of course they are! These riots are about hundreds of things... but they are being brought up again (and will continue to be brought up) until there is true equality. This has to begin with departments. Police departments should have a similar racial makeup as the neighbourhoods they police.
  10. There's a LIVE STREAM on youtube of seattle. Things are getting REAL.
  11. I assume you mean stocks. I've been in all cash since before the dow crashed and I think this recent surge in stocks is a farce. I think Monday is going to be a bloodbath and all of next week will see the dow drop 20% or something.
  12. Would be a shame to win a cup this year somehow and have dummies around the league be like "Yeah it doesn't count though". Haters gonna hate.
  13. The 4-6 weeks wait-time for a refund is a bit cheeky, but I won't complain too much. I guess they are not going to start processing the refunds until June. I wonder what this means for the sales on stubhub? I haven't heard from stubhub yet. I wonder if in their eyes the NHL season isn't officially canceled yet. But since the Canucks are refunding/crediting ticket holders then I would imagine other places should do it too. I had an idea the other day... if the Canucks are truly going to play in empty arenas, then this is the perfect time for them to implement 4k video via a paid subscription service. I would happily pay $20 a month just to watch all NHL games in 4k. In my opinion all games should be in 4k, it's time. Would be a good way for them to make some money back too. I also wonder if they could mount virtual reality sets to seats and let people watch games live in VR from prime seating areas.