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  1. And yet he couldn't hit 100 points. Just like Bobby Orr, the failed hockey player. You could be the greatest player ever, and score 30 goals in one game, but if you only play one game then it really doesn't matter. Brad Richards had an okay career for a while but he had no longevity. He failed in his older years. Let me put it this way... Jonathan Toews had 3 cups and a gold medal, his legacy is basically cemented, and he is a great player. He's like 28 years old I think. So imagine if Jonathan Toews basically falls off a cliff now and sucks big time, stops scoring, gets bought out of his huge contract, and in the end he fails to hit 1000 points. Yes he will still be legendary for what he did, but it definitely would take steam out of it. Actually, I got a perfect example for you right now... DUSTIN BROWN. Guy captained his team to 2 cups and he is in the crapper. And his buddy Mike Richards.... we know that story.
  2. lol. The "Brad Richards sweepstakes" in 2011 were ridiculous. I remember every single team was interested in him. Eventually he signed for 9 years @ 60 million with the Rangers in a very front loaded contract. It paid him $57 million in the first 6 years, including $12 million in each of the first 2 years (back when you could structure contracts like that). He got huge money in the first few years, and then he got "bought out" and the Rangers will continue to pay him for years to come from what I understand. And then he played for other teams and got even more money. Smart guy. He will sleep soundly on his stacks of money bags. Oh and he never even hit 1000 points. Overall, I wouldn't say great career at all. The expectations of him were much higher.
  3. Friendly bet that you get offered tickets by next year IF they are out of the playoff picture when renewals come out
  4. All lies and façade, I guarantee it. Montreal's waiting list is very much penetrable and will crumble if they have a few bad seasons. It might not be as bad as Vancouver (ads all over the place on the radio), but I would bet you could get full seasons right off the street no waiting list eventually if they string together some awful years.
  5. Hehe Montreal is next... if they have a bad season this coming year from the get go, with PK Subban gone and horrible management, they will quickly lose STH's. Montreal will never be like Toronto (which will always have STH's no matter how many seasons they lose). People in MTL are not as loyal, they are like Canucks fans. Either you win, or there will be no more waiting list for habs!
  6. No way I would ever take those seats. Besides being piggyback seats, they are way too high profile. I am sure when that girl flashed the player, whoever owned the season tickets got a phone call about it. I wouldn't want to be responsible for the actions of the people I gave tickets to or sold them to, at least not as visible as that. Plus I'm too ugly to be on TV, I wouldn't want to force the general TV viewing audience to witness that.
  7. There's like an $8 minimum on stubhub, not enough to ever affect the price.
  8. I'm just wondering how the guy got those seats to begin with, if he was in a later session. Seems like those would be hot commodities. Maybe he had a super early priority number and just showed up late.
  9. You mean "UB4 DZ" right? Yeah those are pretty much the best two seats you can get in UB4. Row 9, aisle seats. Why someone would give those up, who knows. Nice grab!
  10. I saw that pair. Row 4, section 119 right, right on the aisle? I was SOOOO close to taking those... I mean, so close. I decided against it at the last minute just due to price but almost pulled the trigger. They are nice seats.
  11. Nice job. Good seat!
  12. Saw 2
  13. Those are some nice seats. Are they alcohol allowed or non alcohol? The scalper probably didn't get his tickets revoked, more likely he just gave them up. Last year was an awful year for reselling tickets. Most resellers/brokers/scalpers are bailing on the tickets. So lots of good seats opening up. In particular, there's tons of seats in the centre lower bowl. I remember a time when it took 5 years just to get any seats in the lower bowl and you'd start at row 25. Now you can get any seat you want basically except dead centre club seats. I would love to get 2 seats in one of the sections where there's only 2 seats (you know, the rows 1-4 where there's just 2 seats), or else get a set of 4 somewhere in the lower bowl on the corners where there's only 4 in a row. Would be nice to have an entire row to yourself.
  14. How else is he supposed to say it? He doesn't want to say an actual number because he doesn't know. When the world trade center collapsed, the media used the term "Thousands of dead". No different than "Tens of dead". Stupid people just aren't used to hearing different terms.