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  1. The pickup date seems to be a ploy to get rid of their equipment sale stuff. $20 says you walk in, and there are some cookies to eat and everyone is told "Okay folks, were just getting your jerseys ready! Should be 20 minutes or so. Until then, everyone follow me to the equipment sale!". ha.
  2. I got an email 3 weeks ago that said: ------------------------------------------------ Mark your calendar! We’re hosting an exclusive Season Ticket Member event on Sunday, November 12 here at Rogers Arena. At this event, you’ll be provided your brand new 2017.18 adidas Canucks jersey and have an opportunity to shop at the Canucks equipment sale. Keep an eye on your inbox in the coming weeks for further details. If you have any questions in the meantime, please call us at 604.899.GOAL (4625) and press option 3 to speak with a Canucks representative.Sincerely,Your Vancouver CanucksWE ARE ALL CANUCKS
  3. They started off like 10-0-0 last year and missed the playoffs. So I am sure they can start off 1-6-1 and make the playoffs this year. It is too early to tell yet. BUT... that being said... it's highly unlikely. I agree with you - stale core. Montreal and Vancouver are very similar teams - but Montreal is behind by about 3 years.
  4. I am not convinced about Drouin. Would rather have Horvat. And Montreal's problems are two guys named PRICE and WEBER. SHEA WEBER = 32 years old..... signed for 9 more years at a cap hit of 7.857 million CAREY PRICE = 30 years old..... signed for 9 more years at a cap hit of 10.5 million (starting next season) That's 18 million dollars of cap space taken up by 2 guys who are in their 30's and are likely past their prime, and who will drag this team down. I'm sorry but 10.5 million for Carey Price is insane. If we had these kind of contracts signed here in Vancouver, people would go NUTS. Imagine if the Sedins were signed for 4 more years at $7 million a piece????
  5. Montreal seems like Vancouver from 2013. They are about to collapse. They are going to have a VERY hard rebuild ahead of them, worse than Vancouver had. That's probably why Montreal tickets are so low. Montreal fans are fed up with the team too.
  6. Ticket prices continue to plunge on stubhub. Far worse than last year. One that stood out is the Montreal Canadiens... going for $61 each.
  7. You don't even know who Pavel is, you're too young to remember, stop pretending.
  8. Not an assumption. You said you pounded a half dozen beers back and you are on here ranting about Pavel Bure. Get a grip dude, we're 4 games into the season.
  9. NDP are in power now, and they are starting up a separate Ministry of Mental Health, so I am hopeful you'll get the help you deserve. Lots of rehab programs being publicly funded. God bless.
  10. Pretty much agreed. I am NOT one to criticize a coach, but I was infuriated tonight watching Travis Green put the Sedins out there on every single PP. Like... it's not working you freaking moron. I am not going to jump to conclusions yet, but the Canucks are already in very deep.
  11. Sure when you were 2 years old you remember Bure scoring. LOL. Nice try, trying to include yourself as part of the 1994 magic, but no one is buying it. Your "memories" of bure scoring are probably from watching the video clips of it later on, but you've convinced yourself you actually witnessed it as a 2 year old live AND you remember it.
  12. So you were a fan when you were 2 years old? Big whoop. I was a fan when I was still a fetus.
  13. I think this is it. The Canucks make a big deal about "You can only go to relocation if you have paid your 10% deposit for tickets". In other words, they figure once you go to relocation you can't back out without losing 10%. So they probably assume a lot of people will say they are switching to UB4, pay 10% down, then show up at relocation and all the UB4 is gone. But I think it might be backfiring on them because fans remember that, and next year they will dump tickets and not pay for them. I think they must have lost a lot of season ticket holders this last year.
  14. Wow looks like a lot of empty seats tonight again.
  15. When they get good again, I want to have good seats and unfortunately that means paying your dues and holding the tickets during bad years. When the Seattle Seahawks went to the superbowl and were the hottest ticket in town, the people who had the best seats were the ones who had been season ticket holders for years. But that being said, I do not blindly support anyone. I have reduced my spending on Canucks merchandise significantly. I don't really buy anything Canucks anymore or spend much money on them.