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  1. The rep tried to say that I had to be in the seats when the warning bell went off. The people sitting the seats said "Oh, he just got here with less than 1 minute left, so we had no time to go find other seats". They refused to stand up to give me the seats. I told the rep that is a total lie I said to them at least 5 minutes before I wanted the seats. I didn't understand why the rep wouldn't side with me anyways, I had the better priority #... it made no sense to me. Anyways who cares I got better seats in the end but I spent an extra 45 minutes there trying to get it all figured out.
  2. I know the canucks do hold-back tickets. This is because I was at relocation one year and had an altercation. I wanted seats someone else was sitting in and I had the better priority #. They refused to move and pretended not to speak english. I said to them "Fine Ill take the seats then the rep shows up". So the rep showed up I explained the situation and suddenly the people in the seats speak English and they lie to the rep and said I didn't get there until after the buzzer went off, when in fact I had been there several minutes (who acts like this??? seriously?). The rep quickly dismisses me and processes their order, despite my total arguing. Never had anything like this happen. I am not a push-over type of guy but this rep was a real B-word. So I asked for the manager and someone came out with an iPad and said "Let's get you the seats you want" and they pulled up a bunch of hidden inventory that wasn't available and I got better seats than the morons who took my seats. By the way if anyone ever refuses to move from seats when I have a priority number again I'm just going to start shouting as loud as I can and get every reps attention and freak the hell out of them. Word to the wise don't be courteous, cause no one else is... that's the hard lessons you learn apparently at Canucks relocation.
  3. Canucks just sent out an e-mail offering parking for games. I had to laugh at the price Costco is asking. They want $1,430.36 for the season for 44 games. That works out to $32.51 per game. Soon parking will cost more than the actual ticket to see the Canucks play.
  4. If the inmates were able to spread peanut butter on the buttons, why didn't they just push the buttons themselves and run out?
  5. So many ads for season tickets everywhere. I hear it non-stop on the radio. Ever heard it on satellite radio the other day I was like WTF?
  6. Steve Darling got kicked around on Noon News for about 20 years. I am not trying to be mean, but he doesn't seem to have much of a spine. He would have made an awful politician and I am glad Port Moody didn't elect him.
  7. LOL @ Guddy for Puljujarvi. The only thing that would get us Puljujarvi would be Juolevi. Which would be a pretty straight swap since they went so close to each other in the draft. This would make sense if Edmonton wanted a D-man and we wanted a forward
  8. Almost certainly stubhub will retract those bruins tickets. All the seller has to do is complain that it was a price error and stubhub will reverse it. Trust me, they've done it to me several times. Do not expect an apology, compensation, or anyone to care if they do reverse it. Also, they can reverse it pretty much anytime they want, even a few days before the game. So if you re-sell them to someone, and then the original owner cancels, then you need to cancel the ones you sold. You'd think stubhub would step up in this situation but it's a total mess. I assumed their policy would give me equivalent tickets if the buyer cancels, but they claim that policy doesn't apply if the tickets are obviously underpriced.
  9. That may be true but I do think some buyers know Row 15 is the last row. On stubhub, there's actually a box you can click that says "LAST ROW OF SECTION" when you list the tickets for sale, and so anyone looking at tickets can see that. The sportsbars/suites thing is true in some areas, but there's also some areas in the arena where there is nothing behind the seats. Specifically the "Canucks Attack twice" section I believe has nothing behind the seats. Ill have to check next time I am there.
  10. So I noticed stubhub already has Canucks tickets for sale... like 1 day after the schedule is released. And most games already have like 700 tickets listed for sale. Funny how that always happens almost instantly, like those tickets are all owned by a few people. Curious. Anyways, looks like the market is pricing the Edmonton home owner, the Pittsburgh game, Toronto game, Chicago Christmas game and Montreal game pretty high.
  11. Rink, meet Hockeyrulz. Hockeyrulz, meet Rink.
  12. Is it just me, or does anyone else prefer Row 15 up top? I don't see the appeal in moving down to Row 9 at all. I'd much rather sit 6 rows higher and have no one behind me. It's so nice to have no one behind you, screaming in your ears, or kicking your chair, or talking, or spilling beer etc. Also it's a nice storage area to put bags and coats. Some teams actually charge MORE for the last row. The Edmonton Oilers charge more $$ for the last row.
  13. Unfortunately no cause I am not counting pre-season
  14. I agree. Friday night games seem to be the most rowdy. People get off work and blow off steam and have fun and are less stressed. I know they can't all be weekend games, but 15 out of 41 games is pathetic. There's 7 days in a week, so theoretically just by average each day should get about 6 games (that means 18 games on Sun/Sat/Fri). But when you factor in that the NHL schedules way more games on Sun/Sat/Fri than other days, then it makes even less sense. So I think Vancouver is getting the shaft a bit. But you can't win them all
  15. Thx I fixed that