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  1. Only undefeated team in the NHL. Hell yeah. Suck it EA sports.
  2. This entire sequence could have been avoided.if willie had used the timeout after the icing I was shocked.he didnt wtf
  3. I hope we come out a bit the 3rd. Willie obviously.isnt happy. Only reason we are still in this is cause of how awesome marky is playing. Go markstrom!
  4. Tampa Bay loses! Wooooooo. We are the only team out of 30 that hasn't faced bitter defeat yet. Go nucks!
  5. Isn't it nice to actually be excited about a Canucks game? I know we can't win em' all but it's exciting to think about the prospect of going into the weekend as potentially the only team in the NHL with an undefeated record. Sportsnet couldn't possibly ignore us then, right? Just gotta take out Buffalo and we will be legen....... wait for it......... dary! We will go into Saturday's games being 4-0-0 and the hockey analysts will be forced to bow down to us!
  6. lock troll
  7. Me too. Maybe we can make it 4 in a row.
  8. They said during the broadcast, it was December 2011.
  9. Technically we are tied for 2nd. St Louis is in 1st place because they have 7 points but I get what you're saying. I am very pleased but I do need to keep reminding myself that last year we started off 3-0-1. And look what happened. So I am taking it day by day. IF we don't get major injuries stacked up like 3 at a time we should be ok. I wonder who our first injury will be. Other teams are already getting injured... nice to see us staying healthy for a change.
  10. Except Calgary. I don't think Calgary wants to trade with us anymore
  11. Gudbranson > McCann Granlund > Shinkaruk Sutter + Sbisa > Kesler Go Benning!
  12. Me too Just happy to see the younger guys really playing well.
  13. I think this is the coolest record I've ever seen the Canucks break. Haha. #nevergiveup
  14. And what's even better is that for 3 games in a row the "tanker group" has jumped all over the Canucks and bad mouthed them every time we were down by a goal(s). Even this game, in the GDT, people were BAD MOUTHING the sedins line!!! So pathetic. And who comes through in the end and scores the OT goal? The Sedins. Damn we are a rough fanbase sometimes. Have a little faith people!