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  1. [PGT] Kings 5-0 Canucks

    Your comment was so dumb, don't try and back peddle now. You said it. Congrats you made my signature. Never thought anyone could say anything to replace the other guy. Keep trying hard. By the way Forsberg was nothing without Sakic. It's SakicTheGreat, and ForsbergTheSidekick
  2. [PGT] Kings 5-0 Canucks

    What you wrote is really insulting and I can only assume you're trolling. Back-to-back Art Ross trophys, b2b president's trophies and game 7 of the cup finals (one win away from the cup) and all you can say is that the Sedins kept us from drafting Tarasenko lol. Clueless. Worst post of 2015. Try again in 2016.
  3. One step towards Matthews. We got a lot more steps to go though.
  4. [PGT] Kings 5-0 Canucks

    The Kings are a lot of things but I really don't think they are pussies. They did drop the gloves numerous times tonight. There were a bunch of fights in the 1st period. I think the word you're looking for is "dirty" or "classless". I mean let's not go overboard here... otherwise it's just bitter.
  5. [PGT] Kings 5-0 Canucks

    Raffi Torres, is that you?
  6. [PGT] Kings 5-0 Canucks

    Oh yeah good point, except, maybe he takes a young impressionable player down with him? How would you like it if you brought Stoll into the dressing room and suddenly he becomes best buddies with Horvat and the two of them are out going to clubs together all the time? No thanks.
  7. [PGT] Kings 5-0 Canucks

    I laugh at the number of posts I see (here and on other forums, and in chat rooms) of people saying: It's ok we are still in a playoff spot. LOL are people that naïve/clueless? Look at the games in hand. We are 5 points away from being worst in the division. Anaheim has 4 games in hand!
  8. [PGT] Kings 5-0 Canucks

    Just got rid of Kassian, now you want to pick up an older Kassian (Stoll)? no I don't think so. Don't need that in the locker room.
  9. [PGT] Kings 5-0 Canucks

    And what's funny is, people don't realize the only reason we ran for the cup is cause of the Sedins which we got because we tanked. If we haden't tanked then NO SEDINS AND NO CUP RUNS! So people who are anti-tank must be anti-sedins
  10. [PGT] Kings 5-0 Canucks

    ROTFL! Anze Koptiar 23 for 28 in the face off circle... WHAT??? CANUCKS WERE BOOED OFF THE ICE!!!!!!!!!!! Henrik Sedin has heart OH AND THE "RAPIST" IN MY SIGNATURE GETS A HATTY
  11. Offer sheet Mcdavid 20% of cap/8 years

    Haha this would be awesome. - Sign McJesus to an offer sheet - Give Edmonton our next 4 1st round draft picks - Finish dead last every year and give Edmonton more #1 overall picks. DO IT BENNING!
  12. Good bye Matthews. Hello mediocrity
  13. [PGT] Canucks 2, Bolts 1

    Playoffs here we come. Can't wait for a 1st round exit and picking 20th overall again.
  14. Horvat. Who leads the league in minus (with -17). So yeah, we're screwed. McCann isn't even ready to be a 2nd line centre (or even close) in the NHL, and probably not ready to be a 3rd line centre either. My prediction: Someone is going to get hurt from being overplayed. Look at Henrik, he never gets hurt, and yet, he is hurt, because too much pressure was put on his shoulders. He was played in all the hard zones, all the hard faceoffs, all the power plays, etc. If you put McCann or Horvat in those situations they too will crack and end up injured/sore (Horvat may already be injured). Vey wanted a chance to step up, well here it is!
  15. Z.E.R.O C.H.A.N.C.E W.E W.I.N 4-0 Detroit