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  1. [PGT] Canucks 2, Stars 3

    I want to be positive and talk about how we came back and got a point, and how Miller played good in the 3rd, but the bottom line is this is just another loser point and a loss. To make things worse, Dallas and their fans are rapidly becoming our biggest rivals. For some reason I can't figure out, Dallas fans seem to: 1) Hate the Canucks more than anyone else 2) Be obsessed with the Sedins
  2. [PGT] VAN 2 TOR 4

    LEAFS FAN SAYS: "So all we had to do to win games is change the rules?? COOL BRAH!!!" Yes, good job Maple Leafs, you can finally win now. You paid big money to hire Shanahan and he is good friends with the league guys. WINK WINK. Enjoy your Stanley Cup! It has been bought and paid for.
  3. [PGT] VAN 2 TOR 4

    Sorry, the title is wrong. Ha, 4-3. You wish!!! Thanks NHL.
  4. [GDT] Vancouver vs Toronto, 4:00pm

    If this is where the NHL is headed, count me out. I'd rather watch the NBA with 30 fouls a game.
  5. [GDT] Vancouver vs Toronto, 4:00pm

    LMAO if they take this goal away it would complete the night. 3 fixed goals!
  6. [GDT] Vancouver vs Toronto, 4:00pm

    This is a really dark day. How frustrating this must be for the Canucks. They don't deserve to be losing all these games. Toronto sucks so bad tonight. Two bad calls go against us. Brutal. We need a few wins in a row to give our team confidence again but I just don't see it happening. IMO this loss tonight could be the straw that breaks the camels back. We literally have to get our stuff together soon because our schedule only gets worse after Christmas.
  7. [GTD] Vancouver @ Ottawa 4:30pm Thursday, Nov, 12, 2015. SNV

    They just changed it over/fixed it.
  8. [GTD] Vancouver @ Ottawa 4:30pm Thursday, Nov, 12, 2015. SNV

    Looks like Sportsnet decided to air Flames/Lightning instead of Canucks/Sens tonight??? No game???
  9. Burrows to meet with NHL re TooToo

    I am 95% sure that Burrows said something disparaging about his inuit heritage (likely calling him the "I" word). When Burrows says people have called him the same thing, he probably is talking about people making fun of his French heritage. He isn't wrong. If the NHL wants to take this on, then they better be prepared to address ALL grievances, and they could quickly add up
  10. [PGT] Canucks 2-3 Sabres

    Heart breaking loss that I 100% saw coming from the very first goal Buffalo scored. Game could have been 5-2 for us. Burrows, Virtanen, Hansen, Sutter, Vrbata... they all had great chances. Every puck we shot just seemed to find the goaltenders pads. The fault of this loss rests entirely on the shoulders of the guys who were on the ice for that 3rd goal, end of story. If that 3rd goal hadn't gone in, and we had won in OT, people would be saying "great game" on here. Sucks, but it won't be the last time we lose a heartbreaker.
  11. PGT: Canucks-3 Blues-4

    This team has some great courage and spirit. I thought we played awesome. It's a 60 minute game and we got off to a slow start but came back. I am really excited to see how this season unfolds. Nice job fellas!
  12. [GDT] Blues @ Canucks Oct. 16/2015 7:00PM SNV

    Awesome effort by us, we really came back. NEVER DIE, NEVER GIVE UP ATTITUDE!. I love it! We will not win 82 games, we won't go 82-0 despite what people want to think. And losing like this is awesome. So great job Canucks and thanks for an entertaining 3rd period. I love this years canucks. Reminds me of 93-94 canucks
  13. Discussion: Baertschi losing favour with Willie

    So we should give up on "reclamation projects" then? What do you think Markus Naslund and Todd Bertuzzi were???
  14. Discussion: Baertschi losing favour with Willie

    Baertschi was always the odd man out UNLESS he proved himself, and he hasn't. So when Higgins comes back, I expect Baertschi to sit a few games and then maybe get 1-2 games here and there (like Kassian last year). But it's a tough hole to dig yourself out of. If he has any inclination to end up with a contract next year he better play his ass off on Friday.
  15. What a giant waste of money NASA is. Who cares. 1,500 light years away? What a joke.