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  1. Ruff not returning and we just fired Willie,.. WD already worked for Stars organization, he won AHL with Texas, so he know their prospects and managment. Dallas is a team full of veterans Spezza, Hamhuis, Hemský, Hudler... they want to win now. Isn't Dallas a perfect fit fo Willie? I think we will see that moustache in NHL next year..
  2. Lel but they suck all year long.. they won't even make PO. Kings team is on downhill just like ours..
  3. They are playing againts each other next game, so poll is obvious.. i think Wild will win.
  4. He scored 1 empty netter...
  5. Hah, Sweden 2-0 Finland after 1st. Loui with 2 PP goals, Hank 0+2, Danny 0+1
  6. Actually he was pretty fast in Minny
  7. Wow a Magpie. I never relized there was another Toon Army fan on here. I was in St James park earler in the year to watch N/cle beat Swansea  :-)

  8. Yep, and we gave up Weise for him... btw that canadiens t-shirt made it easy
  9. Raphael Diaz
  10. Could u make me a sig with this pic?
  11. Hay there

    thanks for stopping by :D

  12. happy birtdhay

  13. Nice video,probably best Nazzy vid