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  1. A little premature to determine who will be the better player. Obviously, right now, Hughes is looking like the better player, but they haven't even finished their rookie season yet. Remember Vladimir Malakhov? He outperformed all other rookie defensemen in his rookie year as well, including Scott Neidermayer. Who would you say was the better defensemen? I am a huge Hughes fan, but that doesn't mean that Dahlin, or Makar, won't end up having better careers, or turn out to be better rear guards.
  2. I'm fairly certain I heard on TSN 1040 around noon that they were putting Oscar Fantenburg on IR. No need to send anyone to the minors if this is the case.
  3. The real question is, where was Vintage on this one?
  4. I actually laughed out loud when I read that you "highly suggest for all to read this". As if your opinion on RFA's is of the upmost importance to everyone else. And then... I read it.
  5. I always thought that was the case, but I also remember a trade that took place a year or 2 ago that was similar to what I was pondering. I can’t remember who was involved, but I remember the reported reasoning behind it was that the team that traded the injured player did so because the owner did not want to pay a player on LTIR. Likely just some wishful thinking on my part.
  6. I wonder if Ottawa would trade either Gaborik or MacArthur for Eriksson. Both are injured. I’m sure that Melnyk would rather pay a player to play rather than sit on the sidelines, and, he could save money on the salary as Eriksson is set to average 3 million per year, they both make over 4.5. I agree, there likely are no GM’s looking to do the Canucks a favor, but this could lay the groundwork for such a trade, if Aquaman is interested in spending the money for an injured player.
  7. My understanding is that Delorme’s suggestions weren’t always followed by Burke, Nonis, and Gillis, (especially in the early rounds were the GM’s wanted to choose their guys) and that he has survived multiple GM changes because his scouting reports have supported this.