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  1. In my opinion, no goalie is elite until they have playoff success, and steal games when it counts. Markstrom has been excellent this year, probably the team MPV. Unfortunately, we won't really know what we have until the team makes the playoffs. Dan Cloutier had some great regular seasons, but no playoff success. Had he stolen some games, or stood on his head to steal a round or two in the playoffs, he could have been considered elite during his prime.
  2. Alex Edler negotiated a NMC in his last contract, and left money on the table in order to get that NMC because he LOVES playing here. He had every right to waive it or not waive it, and while it may seem selfish to some that he wouldn't "help the team" by waiving, the fact that there were teams willing to give up significant assets (reported by Freidman, Botchford, Daliwal) to acquire Edler, just further shows what a quality defender he is. Personally, I'd rather have good players that want to play here, and will fight to remain here than to have players that pout and ask or demand to be traded a la Pavel Bure or Ryan Kesler (even though he also took less money in his contract to help the Canucks build a winner). I remember when the Grizzlies were here, and player after player would dump all over our city, province, country - and pout and demand trades. I was so sick of it. I know that was a long, long time ago, but I just find it refreshing when we have players that want to be here.
  3. haaappppy biiirthhdaay!