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  1. I can't listen to Bro Jake. He's a radio legend, but he is awful as a sports dj. Pratt's schtick gets a little old, but at least he knows sports (whether you agree with him or not). I love when Bro Jake is on vacation and he is replaced by Rob Fai. Can't wait until this is a permanent thing.
  2. Mogilny did not play for the Canucks in 94.
  3. Dead Puck Era
  4. FLA just sent McCann to the minors.
  5. Gudbranson = Carrer NHL defensman McCann = Fringe NHL winger.
  6. Mark Messier Mike Keenan Jeff Brown Matt Cooke Ryan Kesler
  7. Seguin - Another brilliant trade by Chiarelli. That was the beginning of the end in Boston.
  8. Yeah. His trades don't look good at all so far. Funny thing is, he traded away 2 1st overall picks from the Oilers, and they will likely be a better team.
  9. 1. Linden 2. Quinn. 3. Ohlund 4. Henrik 5. Daniel 6. Adams 7. Odjick 8. Bure 9. Luongo 10. Ronning
  10. I really liked him here. I thought most nights, he was the most exciting player on the Canucks. Unfortunately, his size and age lost him a spot on the team so that Linden Vey could have a shot.
  11. Showed such promise, but just couldn't translate his junior success into NHL success. Just goes to show what an inexact science the draft is. The jump from playing with boys to competing with men in the world's best league is huge to start with. Add on to that the added pressures of being a professional athlete and just the day to day challenges of figuring out life in your early 20's, it can be too much for some to overcome. Unfortunately, he joins a long list of talented, promising athletes, that ultimately failed to live up to their lofty expectations. I wish him all the best in his new role with the Predators.
  12. Cassels isn't a surprise, given the season he had last year. Hopefully, he can stay healthy and push for a call up later this season.
  13. I've brought both my children (on separate occasions) to Canucks preseason games when they were around that age. While I agree that some of the game will be missed because you're dealing with a fidgety kid, the experience for both my kids and myself was very rewarding. They still remember going, and to your point, I still remember how special it was for me to have them there beside me. If it was a game that I really wanted to watch and have my full attention, then I wouldn't bring them at that age. If your looking for a special time out with your kid, and don't mind missing parts of the game, and likely leaving early, go for it.
  14. Maybe he didn't agree with the pending trade of Landeskog for Sbisa?