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  1. Name That Canuck!

    Gary Smith?
  2. Pfftt. Of course not. It obviously means that Teemu Sellane is coming out of retirement to join the Canucks!
  3. Why did we let them go

    Point taken, and by no means am I down on Horvat. I really like him. I just happen to believe that Schneider is one of the premier goalies in the world. If Horvat continues to improve, which I'm sure he will, he could develop into a good 2nd line center, maybe even (fingers crossed) and 1st liner. We all know the circumstances surrounding the trade, and all things considered, it was likely the best return they could get at the time. And that's how I look at it.
  4. Why did we let them go

    Check out this article. It is an article on how Henrik Lundqvist has dominated the position over the last 10 years. If you check out the graph about half way through, you'll see an interesting stat regarding Schneider. Now I know you're the farthest thing from a stats guy, but I'm sure you realize that the team with the most goals scored in a game wins, meaning that the team that surrenders the fewest goals also wins. This particular stat graph shows that Schneider saves an extra .45 goals per game - second only to Lundqvists .60. Add this to Schneider's already solid numbers, on a team that managed the least amount of goals, and I don't know how you can argue that he isn't one of the top goalies in the league.
  5. Disecting Benning's Comments

    Stop using logic. You're supposed to blame him for everything and complain about all his moves!
  6. What was Jim Benning's best and worst move?

    Whose are?
  7. Why did we let them go

    Never let statistics get in the way of making an arguement.
  8. Why did we let them go

    Wow. Are you serious? Horvat is a nice player, but Schneider is a next level goalie.
  9. [Report] No one untouchable in Ottawa

    Eugene Melnyk should have kept his mouth shut. He is responsible for hiring the GM/President that make hockey decisions. He should let them do their jobs without getting involved or without worrying what their egocentric owner is going to say to the media. With all the talk about the Canucks ownership being too involved, Melnyk makes the Aquillini's look a whole lot better. IMO, Eugene should head back home to Barbados and leave the hockey decisions to the hockey people.
  10. Name That Canuck!

  11. [Signing] Canucks sign Troy Stecher

    Good signing. At the very least it provides some depth at the minor league level.
  12. Name That Canuck!

    Samuel Pahlsson
  13. Would You take him back? Crow Available

    If the Canucks somehow win the lottery and draft Matthews, I think Crow should be brought in as an assistant coach.
  14. Dan Hamhuis is still a Canuck

    Hmmm. That could only mean that the pick offered was a 1st rounder in 2017 as the pick they traded to Calgary for Russel is a 2016 2nd rounder that could turn into a 1st rounder if certain goals are achieved. It's possible that GMJB wanted to hold out for a 2016 pick, but... I doubt that this would have been turned down, and I doubt even more that AQ interfered with it, unless Dallas wanted the Canucks to retain an insane amount of salary. Sorry Farhan. Gotta call this one BS.