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  1. Obviously they felt he might have been picked up by Vegas or Colorado. Not much to give up anyhow. At worst, it is a swap of 2 fringe NHL dmen, and a gamble on the 4th rounder. Worth the risk.
  2. Name That Canuck!

    Sven Butenschon?
  3. Right you are, although I seem to remember him having a preseason tryout with the Canucks.
  4. Yeah, but he's nuts. In a bar fight, nuts usually beats tough.
  5. Gino Odjick Donald Brashear Link Gaetz Tiger Williams Rick Rypien
  6. +1. Thanks for clearing that up. Makes more sense now.
  7. The team does need to use one of it's protected spots on Edler because he does have a NTC. (Edit) /nevermind - you're correct.
  8. He refused to waive for the expansion draft, meaning, he didn't want to be possibly selected by Las Vegas. His NMC is set up differently than Edlar's NTC.
  9. Looks like Ottawa will try and trade him.
  10. A mystery NHL team. Ooooh! Must be the Canucks! Looks like he's a Leaf
  11. Tiger is entertaining. Don't take too much of what he says too seriously.
  12. Who is the best tsn 1040 canucks radio host (poll)

    I can't listen to Bro Jake. He's a radio legend, but he is awful as a sports dj. Pratt's schtick gets a little old, but at least he knows sports (whether you agree with him or not). I love when Bro Jake is on vacation and he is replaced by Rob Fai. Can't wait until this is a permanent thing.
  13. Alex Mogilny post 1995-96

    Mogilny did not play for the Canucks in 94.
  14. Alex Mogilny post 1995-96

    Dead Puck Era