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  1. I think Hammer's value is much higher to Vancouver than it is to most other teams. If you had to blame one aspect of this team for why it isn't a playoff team right now, you'd have to say it's our D. It's easily in the bottom 10 in the league, if not bottom 5. I know, we need to get younger and get some picks or prospects but I see an issue with getting rid of one of our most reliable Dmen. Not because he's our best Dman (although you could make a case for it) but because of his steadiness, his experience, and his presence. Look at a team like Edmonton. All the young talented players you could ask for. So why haven't they been winning over the last few seasons? They've always lacked a steady, experienced environment to surround their young guys. Especially around their D. And when you don't have a good D, your forwards don't get the puck as much, or in as good of situations. So it doesn't matter if you have 5 first overall picks (or however many they have now, I've lost track), they're going to have a hard time scoring. Obviously they should be taking offers on Hammer, but unless you can get something great in return, he's worth keeping around. Guys like Hutton and Biega, and any other young upcoming D are going to need a steady, experienced, reliable leader to help them along. Hammer's really our only D that fits that. There's also the issue of his NTC. Some think he'll just wave it, and if he doesn't he must hate Vancouver or something. They guy has a family to think about before he thinks about hockey. He's not going to want to up root his family at this time of year, and I really doubt he'll want to move away from them until the end of the season either. He's a BC boy, and likely love's it here. He's got every reason to want to stay. Wouldn't surprise me to see him want to resign here, even at a pay cut. Maybe he does waive it, but I think he has good reason not too.
  2. Why do you say that? He's got a family here, and likely wouldn't want to have to move them at this time in the year, or be apart from them until he has a new contract somewhere. We have to remember, for a lot of these guys hockey isn't their #1 priority (rightfully so). He might be looking to sign here again for a discounted price, just to stay. Especially for a guy like Hammer, he's not just thinking about winning. So I'd say he has pretty good reasons to say no. In fact a lot of it could have to do with how much he likes it here.
  3. So he didn't get a donation for his charity? What a selfish jerk.
  4. Maybe he isn't good enough to be a 2C but for the most part his line mates weren't 2nd liners either. The best he got was Vrbata and that wasn't a consistent pairing. Kesler wouldn't have faired much better in the same situation - production wise. I was pretty impressed with Bonino on the PK though. He was a better shot blocker then I expected.
  5. Everyone just needs to reLACKs.
  6. This is baffling to me...
  7. People keep saying we need a top line player. Well a top line player doesn't help your team accomplish the basic tasks that this team is having problems doing. They can't even execute a proper dump in right now. Bieksa took his time trying to skate around everyone and by the time he actually dumped it in everyone had stopped to stay onside. Guys are taking stupid unnecessary penalties on the PP. This slump is self inflicted.
  8. You can definitely blame Garrison for that one, but why does Bieksa just give the puck to Anaheim? He's got in his own zone with his D partner right there, open, and he just flipped the puck over to Anaheim. You have a one goal lead, you don't just give the puck over to the other team. If your team has the puck the other team can't score.
  9. Its really concerning watching the other team freely run over our goalies without consequence. Canucks have the best PK in the league, they can afford to take a penalty to send a message. I'm not saying you need to kill the guy, but hey if a guy looses teeth after running our goalie its going to send a strong message. At least return the favour and run their goalie. It's becoming common knowledge that Canuck goalies are fair game.
  10. This team has no backbone. Teams are learning that they can freely run our goalies all day long. I don't care if you have to take a penalty, but they need to run Hiller, just like they needed to run Quick. And I mean a seriously hard run. If you're going to get called you might as well make it good. Right now every team in the league can see that our goalies aren't protected.
  11. Canada needed more Finnish... Too soon?
  12. Definitely looks like he might be fighting through something. There's been a couple of times where he was pretty slow to get up.
  13. Too many turn overs in the neutral zone. I've never seen a Canadian team with such a lack of forcheck and cycle. They keep trying to pass and skate it in but its not working. Thats a coaching problem. Oh and yet another Drouin turnover.
  14. Laughton and Horvat have the been the most reliable players in the last few games IMO. They may not be scoring, but they rarely make stupid plays and seem to spend little time in their own zone.
  15. I disagree. It's Canada's offensive leaders like Mantha and Drouin that are making bonehead blind passes or trying to do it all on their own that are giving the puck away. You can't produce offence when you're constantly turning the puck over. But then they score and everyone forgets about it.