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  1. Miles had the game winning goal tonight in their game against Owen Sound. Was also named the games third star. We've got to hope that he keeps up this encouraging pace while he still can with the Knights missing Maata and Zadorov
  2. Visa issues are taken care of. He just wasn't able to get back in town in time. I'd expect him to miss tonight's game as well and suit up in the third preseason game. Edit: https://twitter.com/zadorov61/status/372760831953362944
  3. If anyone is interested, the Knights had their first preseason game of the year tonight and Miles was given top pairing minutes along with both power play and penalty killing responsibilities. He looked really poised and extremely confident with the puck, often electing to carry it all the way into the offensive zone (though that isn't historically a Hunter way of doing things...). It's vital for him to have a good preseason because even with the graduation of Harrington, he is still a bubble defenseman on a stacked Knights back end. Here's to hoping he sticks.
  4. I really like this pick. It's remarkably savvy. He was stuck behind a REALLY good group of defensemen on the Knights team but when he got the chance he stepped in and played quite well. I was always curious why they didn't give him more games just because of how well he did while he played. His numbers aren't spectacular but you also have to bear in mind that he dressed in several games as a forward, essentially being an insurance seventh defender. Some of those games he saw extremely limited ice time. Next year he'll play a much bigger role and I think we'll see that we got good value from our seventh round pick.
  5. Considering there's only six spots (plus one press box seat), I think you might be confusing Tommernes with someone else. A forward maybe? I don't think anyone is expecting him to be NHL this year at all. It would be great to see if he can step in and have a positive impact but keep in mind the transition isn't always the smoothest even for pure offensive guys. Look at how dominant Rundblad was before shipping over and he didn't exactly set the world alight in his first season in the AHL. Patience will be key and here's hoping it'll pay off
  6. Out of curiosity I decided to look up how this guy was doing. It looks like he's on pace to more or less match the point total he put up last year. More importantly though, he has an even +/-. That's hugely encouraging considering his -17 last season. Can't wait to see him in a Chicago jersey.
  7. Do you really think that's a bad thing though? I mean, outside of the fact that we won't be as capable of following him over there, I see no problem with him playing in that league. I suppose there's the fact that the Wolves will be playing a Canucks system style but that isn't a HUGE deal.