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  1. [Trade] Canucks trade for F Brandon sutter

    Today the Vancouver Canucks traded Nick Bonino, a 27 year old middle of the line up center for Brandon Sutter, a 26 year old middle of the line up center. Would be an understandable one for one deal. Bonino scores more points but Sutter plays a grittier, more in your face game. Unfortunately though, the Canucks thought it'd be a great idea to also throw in an up and coming defenseman and a second round pick in exchange for a third round pick. Someone explain why this was a good idea. Please. I need this
  2. Alexandre Grenier Talk

    If you don't want to hear the truth, I don't know what to tell you
  3. Who was the biggest loser in the draft lottery?

    The league and its fans* *Exception: Oilers fans have their hopes of potential refilled once again
  4. SN: Brad Richardson injured

    McMillan (not a mac) is 5'11, 190lb. Tough guy? No. He's also not a skill guy. He doesn't drive possession, he doesn't hit, score or kill penalties. He's a waste of a roster spot. At the VERY least, Baertschi could potentially contribute offensively off the rush as a lot of this series has seen a ton of back and forth action which we are not nearly as good as Calgary at.
  5. SN: Brad Richardson injured

    I feel sick at the thought that McMilllan will be playing tonight. Absolutely speachless
  6. I feel like London has had their spirit just ripped out of them after losing Marner and Domi in a single game. That duo along with Dvorak (another solid 'Yotes prospect if I'm not mistaken) has basically carried the Knights as far as they've come this year. They're a very top heavy team with minimal depth. If those two don't come back this series will be a very ugly four game sweep. Even if they do come back it'll likely be a (somewhat less ugly) sweep
  7. If Burrows gets suspended...give Baertschi a look

    If any players get suspended (forwards at least), I would rather we call up Grenier and see if he can actually hold his own in the NHL. His contract situation is really forcing us to make a decision of whether he's still worth our time. Best way to find out is to play him.
  8. Leo Komorov is a player that I've always loved to watch. There's a surprising amount of skill in his game and the man loves to hit. He'd be a better version of Dorsett for our team (although, he does have a higher cap hit which is a detractor).
  9. Cole Cassels Talk

    Cole Cassels is a good hockey player. I like Cole Cassels. Say gang, why don't we discuss this delightful character? Just two games into the playoffs but still - a 2.0ppg so far. Let's hope he continues to be a playoff performer even later on as the Generals face a bit stiffer competition than the Petes
  10. Joseph Labate Talk

    I'm definitely excited at the fact that the Canucks aren't using a contract on him. Having our own AHL team has definitely paid dividends and this is one of them. I wonder if/when he'll actually be able to crack the roster. Things are getting awfully crowded down there in Utica Edit: Official report of signing from the Comets http://www.uticacomets.com/comets-sign-labate-to-a-pto/
  11. [Proposal] Offseason Moves

    Only way Markstrom raises his value to the point where he could be traded for Yak is if Lack goes down and Markstrom takes over for the rest of the season and performs well throughout the stint. Yak has been playing too well recently for the Oilers to justify shipping him away for a maybe in net. Only way you're going to get Bieksa and Burrows to waive their NTC to go to Calgary is... well... they just won't.
  12. Bo Horvat Talk

    As a Londoner, the hope is that Max gets sent back to us because he'd make a huge difference on this team. That said, developmentally, the clear choice is definitely for him to stick. The higher level of competition that Bo will have to face coupled with the (only slightly) higher pressure on him to perform would definitely help him become a better player in the long run.
  13. Canucks Prospect team

    Needs more Tommernes
  14. History of the 6th overall draft pick

    Rico Fata was one of my favourite London Knights of all time. Up there with Kane and definitely way ahead of Gagner. It's such a shame he could never put it together in the pros. I see a guy like Ehlers as someone who could follow right in his tracks. Not saying that he will.. just that there are similarities between the two of them. Let's just hope that we get a Foppa, not a Fata
  15. Which RFAs should we sign?

    I think it would be a mistake to not give Andersson another year to prove himself. I really like his game and I don't see anyone who is more worthy of his spot within our organization.