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  1. Come back, CDC misses you.

  2. happy birthday you piece of s***

  3. Chococklate!!!!!!!! hee hee hee hee Don't buy from sleep country mmmkay? trsut me its sthe bandeness.

  4. Thats cool m8. Yea well its a tough language to learn. Anyway, Where was you're mom from,which city/provincië?

  5. Families from the netherlands, I was born in canada. Mom taught me a little dutch, I've forgotten it all :/.

  6. Tandem cruelty partner! Grrrrrr!

  7. So you're from the Netherlands eh? You was born in holland or you're from a dutch family?:)

  8. You think you deserve a reward eh?

  9. Jo mah gawd. Bash war with strangers over the internets.

  10. ONce again, you suck... ok

  11. good question paranoia.

    They're jealous becuase of there large amount of suck.

  12. You're a champ

  13. Why are all these people spamming your comments board? And BTW, have you found a good stock?