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  1. heres my contribuition ...
  2. all the freakin time... speacially with my mom,:S
  3. ^ wants to be a girl
  4. </h1> yep, its gunna happen. and finally we need it too, but come on..... i think most of us are guilty at one point in our lifes of sneaking on aboard the sky train? have you ever been caught?! discuss !
  5. banned for assuming you have been blamed
  6. is vegan
  7. banned for banning for a reason
  8. Hey guys ! So I'm doing a project on Markus Naslund for school, and Ive found plenty of pics of Nazzy playing hockey and stuff. but i was wondering if anyone had any personnal pics of him? with his family? or just off the ice? it would be greatlly appreciated. Please and Thank ya ! Nazzyfan4life =)
  9. has a hard time remebering which order numbers go in and likes pairing things together
  10. fin your amazing go canucks wowooo :D <3
  11. crash and burn chigaco. crash and burn.

    1. debluvscanucks


      How did I miss this?

      I'm with ya, 100% on this.

  12. lmfao i know i was just too lazy to change it. banned for caring about proper grammar.
  13. Banned for banning a Asian
  14. haha that was a very good first blog Ryan!!! cant wait too see you back on the ice..... PS: u said you like reading....whats your favirote book? probably not todays books like twilight or anything like that??
  15. thats sick! good job! :D