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  1. What is fluke. What isn't? They are PROFESSIONAL HOCKEY PLAYERS. Following a bouncy puck is their job. Not Bieksa's fault that 5 Sharks players lost sight of the puck, and the only who knew where it was decides to take it easy. Give Bieksa full credit for keeping his concentration and find and slap at a rolling bouncing puck at the only slit left between Niemi and the post to score from the blueline. If someone thinks that easy, go watch people trying to score from the blue line slapping a STATIONARY puck into cardboard slits during intermissions.
  2. KB3, leading scorer against the Sharks in the Conference Finals. LEADING. SCORER. 4 GOALS. SERIES WINNER. IN. DOUBLE. OVERTIME. Big game player. Any questions? Thought so.
  3. LePussy, did you know tonight's game flyer has Bieksa as the cover and the poster inside?
  4. Ironic isn't it
  5. Hmm, another one sided post from you again? How do you explain Ehrhoff? Who was in Sharks jersey not long ago. Or Malhotra for that matters? Seriously, try harder please.
  6. Exactly the same as what Eager said.
  7. LePussy found out he is fighting a losing battle against Bieksa. He is picking on someone else that he thought might be a better target.
  8. Oh no, we take his comments seriously as laughing stock.
  9. Hansen may not have the best of hands but they are already much better than what Bernier had. Bieksa has zero talent? haha. Most people on this planet will probably disagree, a lot actually think he has an outside chance for Conn Smythe, and arguably he is the best defensemen in the playoff.
  10. Me too. Reminds me of you as the emperor, who doesn't realize you had no clothes on. Everyone else realized that and dressed already. lol.
  11. He discounted the charity giveaway by Luongo. Luongo know how to crush someone's spirit, give them hope then take it away. Like the Chicago series, let the Blackhawks thinks they have a good chance after letting them win 3 straight and tied the game in game 7, then shut the door just when the Blackhawks is walking through it, breaking their nose in the process.
  12. I just realized something, even if Bieksa score the winning goal to win the Cup this year, AND he bagged the Conn Smythe, LePussy would still be able to find a way to diss him.
  13. He's been there for awhile now (;

  14. Wanna add Kesler to your handle anytime soon? :)

  15. Hmm that would be Jan Bulis. Or Rory who almost represent the Canucks in the All Star Games.