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  1. Just wanted to ask what School/Men's team you play for. Next time you play UCalgary Dinos or come to Alberta to Play some rugby i'll be sure to give you a good ol' Willie Mitchell or Rick Rypien whatever you prefer.

  2. Wished Habana played hockey, he'd be speedy like Raymond and a pimp like Comrie.

    1. Venom52

      yeah, he is fricken fast, doubt he could skate that fast though

    2. playstasian

      hes a beast period

  3. Holy, no way your a rugby player, i took you for a volleyball feline. Anyways, get your testosterone bursts out on the pitch not on CDC.

  4. I'm sorry, i guess you didn't understand what i was saying. some of your comments are aggressive and stupid at the same time, maybe that why people give you negatives. i was never one to negative you, unless it deserved it, but now, who knows?

  5. thanks, i just had to ask....i haven't seen or heard of him since 6 of us ex navy types lived in a house together in calgary....sometimes i wonder what ever happened to all those guys.....? just color me stupid. cheers

  6. sorry sir, no mr.russell that i know of.

    There's about 60,000 people here now, so contrary to popular belief we are not all related and in the same family.

    Cheers, JS!

  7. i just noticed your name....i had a good friend from medicine hat....i don't know if him or his family are still there but use to play hockey there in the fifties.....his name is wayne russell...i don't suppose you've heard of him eh? just asking...i know, it is a stupid question.

  8. Doesn't anyone think a MikSamuellson- Kesler - Malholtra line would be sick?

  9. Wow, you're incredibly rude. What did I ever do to you? Seriously, do you go to other profiles and troll on their boards?

  10. No offense, but your comments are ryetarded. maybe you should try watching hockey and developing a opinion before posting.

  11. Your not by chance the owner of HIFI in calgary are you?

  12. Thanks for proving my point in that Bettman thread i started... ppl on here can be such idiots

  13. That's ok. The day I care about what strangers on an internet board think of me, is the day I off myself. :P

  14. wow people don't like you.

    Have a great day!

  15. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    You mean the same Fedor that knocked Tim Sylvia out in 30 seconds? Or the guy who knocked out Arvlovski? Yes fedor is not known as a great striker, however, he is a good striker. what other heavyweights attempt spinning leg kicks? Getting taken down easily by lesnar.... Well with Brock Lesnar a NCAA wrestler and a NFL linebacker, you would expect that. However! Who has Lesnar faced that rivals Fedor's takedown defense? Mir? Couture.... noooo. Fedor is an elite heavy weight for a reason He is not just a product of the Media... If you don't believe in Fedor watch him fight mark coleman, heck watch him fight kevin randleman where he gets slammed onto his spine and still pulls a kimura.. SICK!