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  1. LOL He looks like that dude from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.. RAWWRRGHH IM MELTING. And I'd say Sanders. Vikings D sucks badly. I'd explain why but prob about to endure the wrath of an angry mod.
  2. Anyone vs 49ers.
  3. Actually, I find being able to maintain a logical disposition in the face of a potentially emotional matter to be a far better trait than just bandwagoning on overreaction. Obviously people prefer the easy road far from introspective reasoning. The kid will be fine, they won't lose their mother. All this blowing hot air about "oh noes will the kid be fine" is silly. It's quite amazing to me how few people even recognize the irresponsibility on the side of the parent, of those few who even bothered to check into what the other side of the story was. It looks to me like the parent is a far greater threat to their own child being fine than the "school" is, or the government. The primary blame here goes on the parent for not informing and responding to the school to ensure such a lengthy absence is okay, particularly since it encompasses at least parts of two school years. Society doesn't stop functioning, and neither do laws, just because someone has a personal problem. And before someone says, yet again, that this is unwavering and impersonal, in light of the fact that she will likely not be sentenced to jail (even though she would certainly deserve it), I'd say it is quite lenient and personable. They should at minimum force her into a session where they antiquate her with the laws so she doesn't pull a move like this again and then wonder why she's now in court.
  4. Actually, my block list is in the link in the profile (needs to be updated with today's addition). And for one reason or another IPboard hasn't fixed the problem with being able to see posts made by blocked people when they're quoted by people not on your block list. So.. not as effective as you'd like it to be.
  5. Agree. No sense in having rules for no reason. If a goalie risks going out too far lunging for the puck, he likewise risks an easy goal by the opposing team. Seems to me a risk worth letting the goalies manage on their own.
  6. Shattering stereotypes by day, plotting death by night. Kind of reminds me of #cantcornerthedorner
  7. Cool story, where's the trolling? How does the school do what's in the best interest of a child that takes significant time off, without the parent responding to their letters? I'm wondering what kind of magic you think they do. Feel free to report my posts then, whichever one(s) you claim are trolling. It looks like you just have a terrible time handling people who criticize your views, which is not exactly a surprise to posters here either. Obviously you contribute very little to these forums on this name either, so to prevent myself from getting banned by telling you off, as it needs to be done, I'll just block you on this name too.
  8. You're presuming again the school sent her to jail, where she was released on bail. It was not the school. Indeed the school reported her, they had to in order for it to make it to the LE's. But given they did their due diligence and got no response from the parent (as they said), they had no other choice. I wonder how Cerr-whatever's presumptive post about them knowing about the dead father fits in with what we know. There's no evidence of this at all. This is the only time I'll tell you this, bro.. I don't troll. It's not that I don't enjoy people making themselves look ridiculous (don't we all?), but I don't come to these forums looking for ways to piss people off. I'm a member of many, many forums, and pissing people off is just part of being highly opinionated. I'm not the tip-toeing type.
  9. So your presumption is the school knew about the father, and the mother did her due diligence of contacting the school (which they say she didn't, and they have the letters sent to her to prove it), and they just told her to frack off and bring the kid in or jail? Reachers gonna reach. I'm never one to back down from letting people shoot themselves in the foot first before handing it to them. Not trolling, just opportunism. There's no nice way to handle the dramatic. A stiff boot up the ass is the best way.
  10. She is likely not to see a day in jail. What punishment are you referring to as to not fitting the crime. My guess is, she'll be fined and be forced into some other form of community service, if that. Sounds like they're taking all things into consideration. But again, this is me arguing logic with people who can't control their emotions.
  11. How am I implying anything, I've deliberately glossed over your emotional arguments because they're irrelevant. Yet.. that isn't stopping you from making presumptions anyways, and then of course getting pissed off and telling me I'm a crap father. lol. umad?
  12. I presume people are intelligent enough to antiquate themselves with laws, especially as parents with children, and especially when that area is where they grew up, themselves. I know the rules and bylaws here in Calgary, locally in my district, and in the district where my daughter goes to French immersion. I know this is a bad presumption to make "in 2015" because people think laws are irrelevant when it comes to feelings. The fact is, as a responsible parent, I would be in touch with my kids' school to let them know to begin with, because you can't have a kid miss that much school over that span and not have them learn anything. They sort of have to move on to the next grade. This is generally what I think any responsible parent would do. Obviously this parent is not responsible. As a parent, myself, and as someone who lost a parent at a very young age, there's no excuse for irresponsibility in doing parental due diligence to acquire permission from the school. As for what the law was intended to do: I would say that there's no loss of sight there at all. That's enforcing it to the T.
  13. 48MPHSlapShot obviously you refuse to see things in the context of how it is in the UK. So, shocker, this will continue to go over your head until otherwise. The law still applies even when you're grieving. My dad died when I was 10.. time for me to go break some laws. What, don't people care about me mourning my loss? It's called tragedy, people. Hmm.. don't think that one works, deb. I would reevaluate that logic.
  14. My suggestion is you Google the background of the law. I mean, the truancy background behind it may not resonate nowadays (or maybe it does, I dunno if truancy is still a serious issue in that part of the UK), but at least you'll understand why the law is written the way it is. And I wouldn't say it's so much about power and control, it's about people behaving. In the UK, they take kids behaving a little on the serious side. In North America, we would focus on the superficial "control" aspect. Note again that I agree with you on the parental issue, but all this #feels stuff is just a distraction. If the problem is with the law, then try to change it. But all this outrage is hilariously missing the mark, acting as if the school itself is throwing people in jail for taking their kids out to grieve. lol. If she had secured permission first this would have been a non issue. So.. whose lap does this fall into? Looks to me like it's the parent's.
  15. ^ Furthermore: A black #blacklivesmatter atheist. As for his spiel, it's a pretty simple thing to understand: So another clown motivated by media immortality.