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  1. LOL He looks like that dude from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.. RAWWRRGHH IM MELTING. And I'd say Sanders. Vikings D sucks badly. I'd explain why but prob about to endure the wrath of an angry mod.
  2. Anyone vs 49ers.
  3. Fantasy dark horse = Scobee.
  4. Wife initially voted NDP, but after seeing what the NDP has done already, and knowing what they'll do post-election (plus not having the balls to further show their hand before election), she'd rather deal with Harper and the Cons. And after talking to coworkers earlier about TOML's link concerning how Alberta wants to blow up the province's economy with environmentalist policies, virtually no one buys that stupid poll here in Calgary. Maybe in the NDP stronghold (Notley's home) in Edmonton.
  5. Hoo.. mon.. frack it, I'll just call you Gregory.
  6. I'm quite entertained at all these minority scenarios that can unfold. Although, if Harper gets a minority, I'll make my reaching prediction.. - No coalition - Harper steps down - Revote - Cons, without Harper, get majority again
  7. #redherrings4breakfast
  8. Right. Some people on the forum repeatedly point to skyrocketing debt by individuals.. when you run an economy on low interest rates you're not creating wealth. You're giving incentive to borrow and the monetarist premise is spend infinitely. Problem is people at one point or another realize they aren't any wealthier by being more in debt and clamp down on spending. So the economy built on all this artificial demand has nowhere to go.. then what? More debt in the form of stimulus? There's no sustainability with this type of economy. Capital that derives from saving and production will grow an economy not bottomless pits of debt. This is why these neo-Keynesian forms of managed economies suck. And the funny thing about liberals is.. they encourage this type of recklessness which is far worse for their environmental fetish. All this added consumption only drains resources faster and blows up landfills faster yet they suggest this phony blown up bubble debt financed consumption economy is good. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.
  9. Adding more debt does not inherently increase productivity. The market creating capital does. Are you $10,000 wealthier just because you have a new credit card with a credit limit of 10k and go max it out? No. The government does not create wealth, it is usurping funds from taxpayers on a future date to pay off their debt plus interest. How the &^@# is this economic growth? Then we have the monetarist jargon being tossed around. Stimulating the economy by lower interest rates creates an economy reliant upon debt. That was the policy of last decade that led to a fiscal crisis because eventually interest rates rise and people cannot pay. Uncertainty will also fuel this.. it's like running an economy in a Vegas casino. That anyone thinks this is a responsible way to manage an economy is mind boggling.
  10. Liberal economics = more debt = prosperity = vote Trudeau
  11. It wouldn't be faked if the prepayment wasn't earned in the same period it was paid. That's a method of accrual accounting most governments use. However I'm under the impression at least some of it was earned in the same period therefore the entire thing gets reported. Like I said unless the government has some different accounting standards it can change at will it would look like fraud to not report.
  12. 90 min PK goal by Kun.. 2-1 City. Second heartbreak for a Bundesliga team today and yesterday.
  13. Oh boy.. City with a PK now.
  14. Schneiderlin so lucky not to get another yellow.
  15. Can forget about that comeback.. dumb yellow by PSV, second yellow in fact.. then Malmo get a red too wtf.