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  1. Yep, planning on going next year!!
  2. Give gladiator, heroes and villains, psychic type, Salva, ETC!ETC!, bare, DJ snake a try.
  3. Bought my tickets for the Contact Festival, but damn those Ticketmaster fees!
  4. Anyone into TRAP? It's my new favorite genre right now! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bk1_DbbzSdY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDEXUaAjh7E
  5. A lot of dope tracks coming out from Dmitri Vegas and Like Mike this is with Yves V Lil Jon and Coone with his hardstyle influenced in this song
  6. Some of my favs right now! I can't wait for this one to drop!
  7. So choked from last night.... I was in GW TDM highrise, I had a very good start with 7-0 and got my harrier, soon after that i got my chopper gunner, then someone destroys my chopper gunner when I'm at 23-0. Unfortunately I ran round trying to find my 24th and 25th kill to only get the game winning kill at 24. So close to getting my first nuke!
  8. LOL when did this get pinned?!?! 6 goals in 2 games how about that!