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  1. I'm okay with changing up the logo, but please can we just keep the colour scheme? Look around the league, we wonder why we can't get a "white out" or a "C of Red", well it's because we've gone through so many colours, also our fans are fairweather fans at the best of times, so that doesn't help. But really, can we just keep the blue and green please, just so we can even have a chance of getting the rog filled up with a "wave of blue" or anything you wanna call it.
  2. This has Taylor Hall/Tyler Seguin written all over it haha. Whoever Edmonton picks, McDavid obviously, is gonna just be dragged into the abyss. Eichel is gonna slide into Buffalo and have a proper supporting cast around him, hell, he will be the supporting cast for guys like Kane and Ennis, and Buffalo will be playoff bound while Edmonton is winning another draft lottery.
  3. Wellwood could actually win a faceoff though. I'd say Vey is trending towards more a Mason Raymond type, only time will tell how far he will get. From what I see though, Vey likes to carry the puck up the wall and do a quick stop to try and lose the defender, only difference is he doesn't fall down 9 times outta 10. He's still young though, wait and see.
  4. When i first saw the thread, I though it was going to be about contacting Wellwood about coming in to coach the guys on faceoffs, like you said, he was a solid faceoff man. We all know we need help in the faceoff department, that I would be good with.
  5. Hey guys, long time reader, first time proposer haha... first things first, let me just start by saying i'm not one of the people who want kassian traded, but this is all just for fun anyways, so... To Van; Lars Eller To: Mtl: Zack Kassian+ Eller seems to have fallen out of favour in Montreal this sason for whatever reason. Eller is a youngish centre at 25 who hasn't hit his full potential just yet IMO and is signed for another three years at a reasonable cap hit of 3.5 mil. AND we could ice an all danish line haha, Jensen - Eller - Hansen. Also, I feel like he could be an upgrade over Bonino as the second line centre. Now we all know Kassian is on some kind of crazy roller coaster here, He would probably benefit from a change of scenery now, although i hope we can work it out with him. I'm not sure if the Canadiens are in need of wingers, but really, every team wants a young winger with kassian's skill set, he just hasn't seemed to put it all together here for whatever reason. That being said, his skillset along with his size and the way he thinks the game could possibly be better suited to the softer Eastern Conference. He likes more of the skill game rather than the traditional power forward crash and bang drive to the net type game. What you guys think? I'm going to get my flame suit now haha
  6. haha, typical elitist vancouverite attitude, condescending internet crusader butthurt...in any case, he is talking about the canucks, playing against his sabres, that's canucks talk to me. the most painful part of being a canucks fan is having to deal with other canuck fans like yourself. you're giving me diabetes.
  7. I think it's about time Corrado comes up and plays. We gotta see what this kid can do. It seems like he could be a more physical AND more offensive Tanev. The upside is there, time to free the beast. He won't be an answer to all the problems, but you gotta start somewhere. Not gonna blame Bieksa or anyone for tonight, good effort, just couldn't bury the chances. Lehtonen always seems to bring his A game against us for whatever reason, it is what it is. But I just wanna see something fresh, and hopefully it has a positive effect.
  8. hehe, been playing that NHL 15 eh? this trade is full of lolz, might as well throw in 1st rounders for the next three years, just to ensure that they accept.